From a recipe handed down generations in a small but very well-known town in the Congo (famed for its superb chefs) Neema is proud to announce the launch of its product line in the UK. Rose Yombo-Djema, founder of Neema, originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo is introducing the saucy line to high-end retailers.
This is a new healthy condiment. Nutritionist approved natural ingredients: low sugar, gluten free, and great source of fibre.

The great British public love curry and they will love Neema sauces to add an aromatic spice to their cooking, barbeques, dips and picnics.

More details about Neema sauces:

Neema is the Swahili word for Grace. It encapsulates the delicious central African cuisine of the Democratic Republic of the Congo where for centuries the food has remained traditional.

Through our range of delicious chilli sauces, Neema will transport you to the town of Kisangani in the Oriental Province of the Democratic Republic of Congo in Central Africa where traditional dishes are made using a range of beautifully blended spices to bring flavour to local dishes. Our sauces are made from our secret family recipe; it is our heritage. They represent a story which going back a thousand years involves Middle Eastern influences reflected in our Swahili culture.

Stockist information: 106g £5 African Scotch Bonnet Chilli Sauce – hot and spicy, for those who dare! 106g £5 African Scotch Bonnet with Ginger Chilli Sauce – hot and spicy with a ginger twist 106g £5 African Green Bullet Chilli Sauce – Spiciness levels is medium, compliments vegetable dishes.
About Neema Food Ltd

Neema Food Ltd was founded in September 2015 by Rose Yombo-Djema after discovering a gap in the market for healthy premium quality African products. The company aims to produce a wide range of authentic and premium African products and become the leading brand for premium African food in the UK.

Neema Food Ltd is launching its first range of premium African chilli sauces from the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Rose Yombo-Djema

Tel: 07701 298 204


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