arwus develops, manufactures and installs bespoke high-end air separation installations for heat transfer reduction and air quality conservation.

REWE-Köln-LangelWith over 20 years experience in air movement and air conditioning engineering arwus has been developing and manufacturing patented high quality air separation units as an alternative to conventional air curtains.

European food manufacturing facilities and temperature-controlled logistics hubs have been supplied and fitted with arwus specialised equipment tailored to suit the requirements of ambient and chilled storage along with the rigorous demands of coldstores, blast freezers, spiral freezers and conveyor openings between different temperature-controlled zones. arwus air separation installations can protect hygienically high risk areas from low risk areas or conserve air quality balance in facilities provided with hypoxic air solutions. They can also keep insects out of sensitive areas.

arwus air separation advantages for coldstores include:

• Speedy, unimpaired movement of goods with clear visibility

• Improved safety with the elimination of black ice and frost formation on ceilings and equipment

• Reduction in frequency of expensive defrost cycles

• Temperature – controlled storage kept within compliant temperature limits

• Short payback periods where doors are needed to be frequently open

• Increased efficiencies from high energy savings

• Cost-conscious coldstore logistics with low maintenance

Divide and cool: All this can be achieved by the precisely-orientated, high-velocity airstreams that meet in the middle of the doorway to create an effective and reliable full height air dam between zones. Coldstore air separation features the tempering of this blown air to prevent fog occurring at the interface of the two zones.

arwus-Logo,-engl__2012Food manufacturing: Applied to spiral freezers, arwus air separation prevents costly cold air escaping from the freezer which in turn prevents disruptive warm humid air entering. Downtime associated with defrost cycles can be avoided.

Building envelope: Much can be achieved by arwus equipment when used in chilled and ambient storage. Docking bays can be fitted out so that nuisance drafts can be prevented from entering the building reducing heating bills. Humid outside air can be kept out of the facility all year round.

Service: arwus now has offices in 5 European countries with London representing the UK. arwus provides a full service of site survey and close liaison to assess the client’s requirements, generating information for a bespoke design. From its base in Germany, the in-house team of experienced fitters has been as far afield as Moscow or Abu Dhabi for installing and commissioning the equipment. The mainland continent client base includes some of Europe’s biggest movers and shakers in the industry: logistics companies, food services, retailers, bakers, pizza and ice cream manufacturers.

arwus UK

Martin Craxton, UK Sales

Tel: 07958 166377


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