Welcome to the November – December 2015 issue of Wholesale Manager, reaching you as Britain heads towards the Christmas and New Year break. As usual, while the nation relaxes, cash and carries and delivered wholesalers will be busy keeping customers stocked through the holidays. We hope all our readers get a break during the revelries.



Meanwhile in these pages we have features on Snacking and Business Technology, both at the heart of every delivered wholesale operation and cash and carry. We also have new stories from the wholesale business and the latest news from the suppliers.

As the Business Technology feature reminds us, wholesale managers these days are so reliant on technology that it’s impossible to imagine how their predecessors operated. Thirty years ago the typical cash and carry or delivered wholesaler had the minimum of technology, but they got on with it and used their brains, with the notorious exception of the greedy South London cash and carry owner mentioned in our feature.

As our other feature confirms, snacking is one of the biggest drivers of food purchases in every consumer sales channel. Wherever there’s a shop or catering outlet that’s open, any time of day or night people will buy things to eat and keep them going until their next meal. Which is great news for the cash and carries and delivered wholesalers who supply them.

Make your Christmas coco-nutty! World foods brand Tropical Sun, which is featured on our front cover, is cementing its reputation as the king of coconut products with the launch of its Winter 2015 integrated marketing campaign. The campaign, live now, champions the brand’s range of coconut products and features prime time programme sponsorship across leading ethnic TV channels. There is also radio sponsorship, alongside print and online support in the run up to Christmas. As brand manager Jag Singh says, the unabating consumer appetite for all things coconut, coupled with heightened awareness of Tropical Sun, can help retailers deliver an uplift in sales and “bring a joyous, coco-nutty Christmas to all.”

As the season of goodwill approaches, the Government’s plans for longer Sunday shop opening have suffered a defeat for now, but late opening is a fact of life in enough other UK consumer sectors, so it is bound to come in time. Meanwhile we go along with SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson, one of the dissenters, who felt longer Sunday trading should not happen at the expense of poorly paid shop workers. Or wholesale workers, for that matter.

Enjoy the holidays, and see you in the new year for our next issue

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