Old Jamaica, the UK’s number one ginger beer brand, has brought back its popular and original Old Jamaica Ginger Beer full-sugar recipe.

The brand has returned to its roots and resurrected the recipe from its archives after its hard core fans demanded its return.

It’s the first time Old Jamaica’s original ginger beer formula, which has 15g of sugar per 100ml, is available for its cult followers to enjoy since it disappeared from retailers in 2018.

Terri Cooper, senior commercial manager at Old Jamaica, tells Wholesale Manager why the original recipe is returning and who is the target market.

Why have you decided to bring back the original recipe at this time?

To the delight of Old Jamaica Ginger Beer fans, the authentic full-sugar recipe has made a permanent comeback. Old Jamaica Ginger Beer Original, which is uniquely made with authentic Jamaican root ginger to deliver its unrivalled deep, sweet, fiery yet refreshing taste, is now available from wholesalers and independent retailers nationwide.

Old Jamaica has returned to its roots and resurrected the recipe from its archives after its hard core fans demanded its return.

Who is the target market for this launch?

2022 is a year of celebrations as families and friends get together to mark many occasions from the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee to Glastonbury and the World Cup. We wanted to mark it by reuniting our loyal fans with our super-popular original ginger beer full-sugar recipe.

As temperatures soar and people enjoy more al fresco dining, picnics in the park, or simply a refreshing treat, Old Jamaica Ginger Beer Original, made with authentic Jamaican root ginger to deliver its unrivalled taste, is the perfect drink. While we know this level of sugar isn’t for everyone, we wanted to give our fans the choice and deliver something for all to enjoy.

What occasions do you anticipate the product to be consumed in?

We anticipate Old Jamaica Original to be consumed as a sweet treat and as a versatile mixer pairing perfectly with light and dark spirits. Old Jamaica enhances classic cocktails, can be enjoyed as a mixer with spirits or is simply delicious as a soft drink alternative. Old Jamaica in an early evening favourite and is a must have for every BBQ this Summer.

When it comes to mixers, our Old Jamaica Ginger beer is as popular as diet coke and is a great alternative to conventional mixers as it offers a different layer of flavour to classic serves. Ginger Beer has seen a resurgence as consumers require a versatile mixer that offers flavoursome and exciting drinks creation. Our Ginger Beer collection does just that, answering consumer needs for great tasting drinks, suitable for all occasions. The data is showing that dark spirits are growing in preference, and Old Jamaica offers the perfect mixer to catapult growth and bring new consumers into the category. After all, nobody does ginger like Old Jamaica.

With 15g of sugar per 100ml, the drink will be subject to the sugar levy. Will the drink be more expensive to pass the levy on to consumers?

Yes, put simply, the Original format will be the current Old Jamaica Ginger Beer pricing plus the sugar tax levy.

Isn’t this launch against the current trend towards healthier food and drink?

Our research shows a resurgence of full sugar soft drinks in the market as consumers are increasingly looking for ways to add interest to their drink’s repertoire. Although consumers are increasingly health conscious, they are also living more balanced lifestyles, which means they would like the option of a sweet treat in the category. Consumers are fatigued by the same soft drink choices and Old Jamaica Original adds excitement and indulgence to the category.

What pack formats is Old Jamaica full sugar available in?

Old Jamaica Ginger Beer Original recipe is available in the following formats – 24x330ml can, 6x330ml cans, 12x500ml and 8x2l.

What marketing support do you have for the new launch?

A wide-ranging communications strategy will support the brand throughout 2022 and aims to broaden Old Jamaica’s brand appeal, increase awareness, and position the brand as the authentic alternative to the ‘norm’ within the soft drinks category.

What other products are in the Old Jamaica range? What activity is running on these products?

From Old Jamaica Ginger Beer – with Regular, Light and Extra Fiery to choose from – through to our launch of our Ginger Ale, as well as a Rhubarb & Ginger Ale, we are the OG’s of ginger beer and the only brand that uses authentic Jamaican root ginger across our range.

In addition to ginger beers, Old Jamaica has a range of Sodas too. Our Tropical Soda joined the family in 2021, with Grape Soda, Cream Soda and Pineapple Soda continuing to delight consumer tastebuds across the country!

All of the products in the Old Jamaica portfolio deliver a bold and unique flavour, meeting the increasing needs of UK consumers, as one in four consumers already mix Old Jamaica with alcohol.


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