ovencleaningkitThe Oven Mate range of cleaning chemicals has a first-rate reputation, and has been proven to beat other oven cleaners in consumer testing. Oven Mate has been awarded approval by the Good Housekeeping Institute, and has been designed to make life easier for the professional or domestic cleaner.

Oven Mate Products:

Oven Mate Gel – RRP £7.99

Oven Mate Gel has been approved by the Good Housekeeping Institute for the best performing oven cleaner.

The gel is easy to apply – simply paint on with a brush (supplied) and wait for the gel to turn brown, then wipe clean. The gel formulation gives you increased control in directing the cleaner to the areas that really need it, unlike traditional spray cleaners. The gel is also fume-free, so there’s no need to ventilate the kitchen, and will leave no lingering fumes once the gel has been removed. Oven Mate Gel is really versatile and can be used on ovens, oven racks, hobs, grill pans and barbecues.

Oven Mate Instant Foam – RRP £5.99

Oven Mate Instant Foam is the ideal product to use daily to keep your oven, grill or barbecue in pristine condition. The foam has a fume-free formulation and can be safely sprayed onto racks, hob, oven, and cooking pans, it also makes short work of cleaning the grease and grime.

Oven Mate Stainless Steel Clean Polish – RRP £5.99

Oven Mate Stainless Steel Clean Polish lifts dirt and grime and leaves a brilliant smear-free shine. The polish leaves an invisible layer which resists fingermarks, and prevents dirt sticking to the surface making it easier to clean time and time again. The product is suitable for all stainless steel applications.

RDi International

RDi International is a privately-owned company established in 1993 to provide innovative products to the professional and home cleaning markets.

Ray Diss, Managing Director, RDi International, explains the company’s strategy: “Since the company’s launch the management team has employed the best minds and technology to create a portfolio of products that make life easier for our customers and their end users. We only sell products that are proven to work, and that’s been the secret to our success.”

RDi are the owners of the award-winning Oven Mate brand, which has received approval from the Good Housekeeping Institute for best performing oven cleaner.

The company has also expanded into cleaning hardware, home cleaning, buffet ware and cook ware. Their products are sold by Lakeland, John Lewis, Makro and Betterware, Kleeneze and a wide range of independent specialists across the UK. RDi International also exports to Europe, N. America and the Far East.

RDi International


Tel: 01376 333550

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