Four-VarietiesThe coolest brand in Britain’s cash ‘n’ carries and wholesalers’ drinks sections in 2011  It’s got to be Marley’s Mellow Mood, a hip new range of 100% natural relaxation drinks. Two sparkling sodas in cans, citrus and berry, and two iced teas in bottles, they all feature the legendary Bob Marley on-pack, and are distributed in the UK by Enco Products, leading marketers of Caribbean products.

The four new drinks in the Marley’s Mellow Mood range are the first launches from The Marley Beverage Company, a joint venture between the Marley family and US-based Viva Beverages.

“The Marley family is really behind Marley’s Mellow Mood,” says Nyree Chambers, Enco Products’ Marketing Manager. “At the recent SIAL show, two members of the Marley family were with us on the stand promoting the drinks.”

Bob Marley is as relevant as ever, an icon with today’s teenagers and music lovers of all ages, still played on the radio day in day out and up there in the top 10 celebrity Internet searches.

Targeting 18-34 core consumers, Marley’s Mellow Mood takes the idea of functional drinks – defined as ‘a drink that does something’ – in a stylish new direction. It has an impressive list of natural ingredients, and offers an authentic herbal blend of chamomile, hops and lemon balm.

Consumers buying Marley’s Mellow Mood will be able to participate in a ground-breaking affinity programme that enables them to support Bob Marley’s vision of hope and unity. They will be able to select worthwhile causes and charities around the world which will benefit from the proceeds of Marley’s Mellow Mood sales.

The programme will be managed by the charitable website,, created by the Marley family to support three main causes: youth, planet and peace.

Marley’s Mellow Mood’s biggest benefit is its de-stressing power, as Nyree Chambers, Enco Products’ Marketing Manager, points out: “Some 90% of visits to GPs’ surgeries are stress-related: there’s a clear need for relaxation products. Energy drinks will always be with us, but the relaxation side is growing strongly.“


Marley’s Mellow Mood is the latest step in Enco Products’ strategy of extending its brands into the mainstream whilst remaining number one in the Caribbean market. Its nutritionally enriched milk drink, Nurishment, and sauce brand, Encona, have extended their appeal from a predominantly ethnic consumer base to a far wider mainstream one.

“The Marley name means a lot to both the Caribbean audience and the mainstream, and is a perfect fit with our other brands,” Nyree Chambers points out. “We expect it to be hugely popular.”

Trade response so far to Marley’s Mellow Mood is very strong, says George Phillips, Business Development Director of Enco’s parent company, Grace Foods UK. “The retailers we’ve spoken to have really embraced the brand values and benefits and are enthusiastic about the impact it can make in-store.”

UK distribution of Marley’s Mellow Mood is now under way in cash and carries and wholesalers, rolling out into regional grocers and independents. Listings in multiple grocers will be considered in the latter part of next year.

Initial sales will be direct through the Enco Products sales force and cash ‘n’ carries and delivered wholesalers. Dhamecha, Parfetts and Glencrest have already agreed to list the range. Stocking depots will have demo days for their retail customers and van sales teams.

As you’d expect, music is at the heart of the Marley’s Mellow Mood proposition. Plans are under way for a major concert of Bob Marley’s music in the first half of 2011 at a top UK venue, and for activity at carnivals and mainstream festivals. There will also be a big on-line focus. Don’t miss out on Marley’s Mellow Mood!

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