Liquids handling specialist Arlington Packaging introduces its Eco-Flex stand up pouch range, the first ever twin gusset 1000 – 10,000ml S.U.P., manufactured using tough, product specific substrates to form a durable fluids packaging solution. The resource-efficient Eco-Flex delivers a very high product/packaging ratio, with the lowest total lifecycle cost of any product in its class. Typically containing at least 65% less material than even budget rigid packaging Eco-Flex represents a significant reduction in packaging waste.

Properties: The second, top, gusset of the Eco-Flex allows it to adopt a uniform drum-like profile when filled. This feature gives good stability and stacking capabilities, the flat sides providing an excellent branding and information platform which is much less prone to ‘flopping’ than standard large format S.U.P’s when only partly filled. Because of its almost distortion free vertical panels the Eco-Flex can either be pre-printed onto clear or coloured substrates or over-labelled, allowing for shorter run production.

Closures on the Eco-Flex are welded into a slightly raised portion of the top seam, which in combination with the gusset design creates a sump effect ensuring very high yield rates. The wide range of available closures make the Eco-flex suitable for many fluid food and industrial products from free flowing liquids to emulsions, syrups, gels and coatings. Its use with more viscous products has the advantage of allowing manual removal of the product from the pouch by ‘toothpaste tubing’ the pouch. Residual product can be maintained in an airless state during use or if only partially used.

By default the Eco-Flex has a single, top mounted handle, optionally this can be repositioned to the bottom for inversion of the pouch or, supplied both top and bottom for easier handling of the larger sizes.

The ‘Eco-Flex 5000’, 5ltr product (pictured) has been designed specifically as a robust alternative to both traditional rigid 5ltr containers and other single gusset Doy style S.U.P’s. As with all of the Eco-Flex range, the 5000 provides a precise, glug free pour, reducing waste through spillage and achieving exceptional product yield rates both in free pour and dosing system applications. Where a single shipping pallet (1m x 1.2m x 1.8m) will contain packaging for 31050 litres of product, the Eco-Flex 5000 is available in quantities from just 230.

Arlington Packaging

George Lewis

Tel: 01672 563723


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