Jisp’s Scan & Save solution has reached a key milestone across Nisa, Londis, Budgens, Premier and Family Shopper stores nationwide.

Since its launch in September 2021, Scan & Save has achieved 260,000 scans, 142,000 vouchers issued and 122,000 redemptions. Industry-leading conversion rates between scan to voucher issued is 54% and voucher issued to redemption is 86%.

Scan & Save stores are benefiting from shoppers accessing unrivalled brand discounts and being rewarded for using their mobile phones in-store. Average shopper redemption per visit is 2.2 items and average saving per visit is £4.72 which is going a long way in battling rising costs and shopper angst with the cost-of-living crisis.

Greg Deacon, Chief Customer Officer, Jisp said: “We’re delighted by our key milestone and further validation of retailers seeking out Jisp to provide an exclusive way of shopping and obtaining discounts through our Scan & Save solution which features augmented reality. Making the ‘Metaverse’ consumable adds to the experience for shoppers using their mobile device in-store. The growth is exceptional, shopper adoption is quick and over 76% are repeat customers.”

Retailers with Jisp will build store loyalty every time shoppers use Scan & Save and redeem products. Jisp will promote leading promotions in-app and online to drive shoppers to their local Scan & Save store. In addition, Jisp will provide exclusive 24hr deals and reward shoppers for referring friends and family to help them save monies and increase loyalty.

Deacon added “By end of 2022 we expect to achieve over 1,000 Scan & Save stores nationally through a network of Independent stores and fascias. It’s never been a better time for independent retailers to offer Scan & Save with the ongoing cost-of-living crisis. Jisp Media supports branded partners on their quest to understand shopping behaviour and fuel sales growth and loyalty to their products via our network of stores nationwide.’’

More information can be found at https://business.jisp.com/

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