• New range specially formulated for dogs who are ‘born to be outdoors’ and inspires consumers to get out and go with their dog, as sales of dogs’ soared during in lockdown
  • Get Out & Go! made with 100% natural ingredients and produced in the UK, the range includes NPD across dry and wet food and innovative bars and treats, covering all canine needs
  • Made with 100% sustainable packaging, as Skinner’s aim to reduce its carbon footprint

A company steeped in heritage, Skinner’s, one of the oldest working dog food brands in the UK, has announced the exciting launch of a new dog food range into retail, Get Out & Go! 

Get Out & Go! targets consumers with pet dogs who are active, and could not come at a better time, as sales of dogs reach record highs, with households buying 3.2 million pets during lockdown[1], and more people getting active, up 63% in the last year[2].

The new range has been designed for dogs that are ‘born to be outdoors’ as Skinner’s, a brand well-known for its connection to the British countryside, aims to inspire consumers to get out and go with their dogs and target the dietary needs of dogs that go on woodland walks, long runs and intrepid trails and would therefore benefit from a specific diet to meet their nutritional needs.

Comprising of wet foods, training treats, dry foods and innovative protein and recovery bars to complement the diet of active dogs, giving a boost or aid recovery as needed.

Celebrating its 50th year of feeding working dogs, Skinner’s has combined its genuine love for dogs, with its reputation for unrivalled expertise in canine nutrition to create Get Out & Go! Bringing high quality and high-performance diets to every dog, from puppyhood to senior years.

The diets use superfoods and wholesome, 100% natural ingredients, all locally sourced where possible and grain free to ensure all dogs maintain peak health. From local baker’s hand baking the treats in sustainable wood fired ovens, to wet foods packed with antioxidants, Skinner’s has gone the extra mile.

Whatever the dog needs, be it muscle and joint health to skin and coat conditioning and boosting immunity and promoting stamina and recovery, there is a food in the range that is right for every active dog. 

With sustainability at its heart, Skinner’s is proud to develop the new range to be fully recyclable. As the only UK dog food group to have the capability to manufacture Tetra Pak® onsite, the company has invested in a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant to produce the new range. Made from Tetra Recart®, which comes from sustainability managed trees (at least 67%) and which is widely recyclable, Get Out & Go!, is a range both retailers and consumers can invest in.

Tim Hansell, Skinner’s CEO said: “We are really excited to be launching our new Get Out & Go! range, which is all about inspiring people to put down their devices and “Get Out & Go!” in the great outdoors with their dogs.

Whether you’re running in hills, hiking, biking or off exploring our Get Out & Go! range has all the goodness your dog needs to take on the challenge with you. Because we know, if they’ve a taste for anything, it’s a taste for the great outdoors.

With over 50 years of nutritional know-how, we understand what it takes to keep dogs active, healthy and ready for a challenge. Working with our team of nutritionists, we have developed our new Get Out & Go! range to support active dogs across a range of activity levels and life stages, whilst being true to our values of sustainability, wellbeing and community.

We want Get Out & Go! to serve as a daily call to action for people to be more active with their dogs and embrace the great outdoors together.”

Skinner’s is constantly innovating new ways to keep both consumer and dog happy for years to come, with delicious, nutritious and ecological meals that are good for the dog and the planet.

The consumer facing dog food range will run alongside its working dog food range Field & Trial, which recently underwent a sustainable brand refresh and NPD roll out.

To purchase the new, Get Out & Go! range visit www.skinners.co.uk  where you can buy online

For trade orders or to speak to a member of the team contact orders@skinners.co.uk.

[1]  Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association

[2] Sport England, 2021

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