Fragrance is a key driver for consumers when purchasing household cleaning goods with research suggesting odour management is the number one motivation for cleaning – a fragrant house is seen as a clean one. It is also important for the consumer to have options for different fragrances in different rooms, creating an appropriate mood and atmosphere. For instance, the bathroom fragrance as ‘clean’ and the bedroom as ‘relaxing’.

As well as fragrance, convenience and ease of use is another key driver for today’s consumer.

“Research has demonstrated there are consumer needs for different rooms and surfaces. A fragrant house is seen as a clean one and providing a wide range of fragrances is important in product range,” a Zoflora spokesperson comments.

“Offering individual formats of products to ensure each surface is treated separately is also key – it has been identified that consumers feel hygiene is highly important for kitchen and bathrooms, whilst taps and sinks need to be shiny and sparkling and floors clear and ‘dirt free’.

“Offering a wide range of products, fragrances and sizes within one brand gives consumers choice for key drivers and builds brand loyalty.”

The Zoflora Concentrated Multipurpose Disinfectant (120ml) is popular due to its price and choice of fragrance. As a result of its broad appeal and cleaning capabilities, the Zoflora Multipurpose Disinfectant Cleaner is also a best-selling product.

In 2021 Zoflora Disinfectant Mist and Multipurpose Disinfectant Cleaner launched, joining the Zoflora Concentrated Multipurpose Disinfectant to provide a range of options for consumers.

From data gathered by a third party, Zoflora is the number one disinfectant brand in sales and penetration across all time periods and is the only key disinfectant brand to grow in medium and short term.

“Cut though in the category is challenging but cleaning out of aisle attracts attention. As a brand to help create excitement and brand cut through, we have a range of fragrance, formats and sizes available as well as merchandise suitable for different consumer cleaning tasks. We also produce seasonal fragrances to build excitement,” says the spokesperson.

2022 is a centenary year for Zoflora with a multi-million pound ATL campaign, new product launches and ongoing retail support.

“Offering a range of fragrances to cover the preference profiles is important in maximising sales as well as having product available in various sizes,” adds the spokesperson.

Data from Zoflora sales demonstrates 120ml is important for trial purchases and 500ml is preferred for repeat customers.

To create excitement, brand cut through and maximise sales Zoflora also produce seasonal fragrances such as Winter Spice.

Zoflora continually monitors forecast growth as trends change, especially as we emerge from a global pandemic. Data gathered last year revealed over 80% of shoppers whose habits and/or attitudes towards cleaning have changed and these changes are likely to continue. This suggests hygiene remains a key driver for consumers in this market with consumer habits shifting in the medium – and potentially long – term.

Adam Burnett Group Marketing Director at Fabulosa, comments: “We have noticed a definite switch from the regular ‘quick clean’ to the more thorough ‘deep clean’ and the market performance of multipurpose cleaners versus task specific cleaners reflect this. As a fragrance brand, we have lots of plans for task specific products in 2022 and as you’d expect from us, we will certainly be putting the fun back into functional cleaning.”

Customers are getting more and more savvy when it comes to shopping choices.

Fabulosa is the UKs biggest privately owned cleaning brand by volume and value (Kantar). Launching scented toilet roll and kitchen towel in summer 2021, by Christmas 2021 the brand had already sold in excess of 5 million packs.

The brand was born on social media so consistently engages with its community of 500k+ across Insta, Facebook and TikTok. In April 2020 it also made its debut on TV with a highly successful £1million ITV network campaign.

Ending the year on a high note Fabulosa ran an alternative Christmas campaign, teaming up with dancing sensations AJ & Curtis of Strictly Come Dancing, Hollyoaks and Love Island fame, for a tongue in cheek radio and social platform campaign.

In 2022 Fabulosa will employ a hard-working multi-channel marketing approach extending brand reach, driving trial amongst non-users and supporting a packed schedule of NPD launches.

“We believe that 2022 will be transformational for cleaning in the convenience sector,” says Burnett. “Consumers still expect value for money from their local shops and we are confident that Fabulosa will help them fulfil this much more than the declining established brands.”

Matt Stanton, Head of Category and Insight at DCS Group, comments: “The toilet roll market is declining versus last year, which included the panic buying period at the start of lockdown 1.0, but is up slightly versus 2019. Value is down 7.9% vs. 2020, but up 1.8% versus 2019 (Nielsen).”

The average price of a toilet roll is decreasing. Unit volume in 2021 increased by 3.2% vs. 2019, but value only increased by 1.8% (Nielsen). This is despite market-wide price increases and a reduction in promotions, and is driven by shoppers bulk-buying to save money, and by some shoppers trading down.

Cushelle and Velvet have grown their share of the toilet roll market over the past year. Andrex are seeing a decline in share, being impacted by reduced promos within the category, but still maintains the market-leading brand with 29% share (Nielsen).

The effect is driven by shoppers switching into private label products, as well as into Cushelle (Kantar).

The kitchen roll market is performing strongly, with value in 2021 up 11.9% versus 2019, although down 3.6% versus the heights of the pandemic in 2020) (Nielsen).

Plenty is the market-leading kitchen roll brand and is growing share YoY, currently accounting for 28% of the market (Nielsen).

Fabric Conditioners and Air Care are both performing well in the total market, both growing by 2% versus 2020 (Nielsen). Both are considered ‘affordable luxuries’ by shoppers looking to trade-up in lower-priced categories. Air Care is also growing strongly in symbols and independents at +12% YoY (Nielsen).

Whilst the majority of household cleaning categories are either flat or down versus the heights of 2020, sales are still up significantly versus pre-pandemic levels in 2019 (Kantar).


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