Elephant-AttaIconic South Asian chapatti flour brand Elephant Atta has launched a new campaign aimed at inspiring women to lead the way in changing unhealthy food and lifestyle habits amongst the UK’s South Asian population. Since women, especially mothers, are core Elephant Atta flour consumers, the new integrated campaign plans to utilise their influence, alongside the brand’s own health credentials, to create a movement which affects not only individual households but also the wider community.

An increasing number of South Asians in the UK are at high risk of developing health conditions such as heart disease, blood pressure and diabetes, which can be prevented by making simple lifestyle changes. Elephant Atta flour, which is consumed daily in over 50% of South Asian households in the UK, has taken the responsibility of spreading the message of a healthier lifestyle amongst its target audience with its new brand campaign. The campaign was launched at an exclusive event at London’s Chelsea Football Club on Wednesday 2 March 2011 and was attended by over 60 special guests including food retailers, chefs, media and loyal consumers of Elephant Atta flour.

The launch event was an opportunity for the brand to preview its new advert, focussing on the way homemakers can impact on their family’s health. Since healthy lifestyles start at home, Elephant Atta flour wants to mobilise everyday women and mothers who recognise the importance of nutritional eating, to lead the way in creating this health revolution amongst South Asians.

Spreading the message of health is a natural next step for Elephant Atta flour as upholding family ties and traditions has always been at the core of the brand’s essence. In traditional South Asian households, women are responsible for the well being of their families and Elephant Atta wants to encourage them to take the lead in starting this revolution at home and in their communities. The campaign is an opportunity for the brand to actively encourage more South Asians to find out about the simple ways in which they can improve their health whether through reducing their salt and sugar intake or taking up more physical activity. Elephant Atta flour is naturally low in salt, sugar and saturated fat and is a great source of fibre which makes it the perfect choice of chapatti flour for South Asian households.

Shila Shah, who has used Elephant Atta flour for over 2 decades and attended the launch said: ‘Mothers are at the heart of every South Asian household and it’s great that a community brand like Elephant Atta is trying to engage with people like me to make a difference. In many of our households, we are in the habit of thinking that healthier food is less tasty, which is not the case. The more we educate ourselves and our families about health the better it is for our generation and the generations to come.’

By focusing on becoming a healthier flour the brand is not compromising on quality or taste. Chapattis and flat breads made with Elephant Atta flour still have the same great taste, softness, fluffiness and aroma that loyal consumers have enjoyed for the last five decades. Independent research carried out for the brand confirmed Elephant Atta’s position as number 1 in the UK atta flour market with 92% overall brand awareness, 77% of respondents saying that Elephant Atta chapattis are soft to eat and 71% of respondents saying Elephant Atta flour chapattis puffed up for the ideal taste and texture.

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