Interest in world foods in the UK continues unabated. Research shows 7 out of 10 shoppers who buy from the world food aisle say they enjoy the experience, making it even more popular than the wine section. This is despite 29% of world food shoppers claiming they find the world food aisles rather confusing. Well KTC has the answer. It offers a comprehensive range of products that are clearly packaged and with great shelf stand out. It’s also a one-stop shop for category managers who can buy KTC’s vast product portfolio, Sea Isle’s popular Caribbean product range and Suncrest soft drinks, all from the same supplier – KTC.
Food trends are obviously always moving and shifting and KTC’s philosophy is to provide a broad spectrum of ingredients, all authentic and sourced from around the globe that allows the wholesale market to react to its customers demands. This has certainly been true with the coconut oil offering where the wholesaler can be sure of continuity in supply and service.

Paresh Mehta, Commercial Director, KTC, comments: “We’re a world food brand in every sense of the word. Our whole business was set up to serve the ethnic communities of the UK, providing good quality foodstuffs and ingredients to help make authentic cuisines from around the globe. KTC is a well known brand amongst the Asian and Caribbean community in the UK because these discerning shoppers know it’s a name they can trust. Now we’re seeing brand recognition from mainstream shoppers too.”
The ever moving focus to greater authenticity and regional cooking is something KTC is well placed to provide for as its product range is vast and includes a plethora of ethnic ingredients from around the globe.

Asked to discuss plans for the future of the business, Paresh continues: “KTC still sees one of its major roles as providing good quality and affordable ingredients to Britain’s diverse ethnic communities but with the introduction of speciality products the business is strongly placed to further increase its popularity with mainstream shoppers.”


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