Crown, one of the world’s largest material handling companies, has launched its innovative C-5 Series of gas-powered, four-wheel counterbalance forklift trucks across Europe. The new series redefines the LPG-powered lift truck by incorporating a Crown-built engine and a rugged powertrain with a lifespan of up to 20,000 operating hours,. Advanced technology is evident in every detail – from the innovative, dual-radiator cooling system and ergonomic design through to the intelligent stability system, providing high reliability and productivity-boosting efficiency.


Designed to deliver outstanding performance

Available with lifting capacities of up to three tonnes, Crown C-5 lift trucks work through the longest shifts and in all kinds of weather while delivering a full range of performance even over rough terrain. The 2.4-litre industrial engine is energy-efficient and produces minimal vibration. The gear-driven valve train eliminates the need for frequent belt replacements or chain adjustments while the power brake enclosure prevents the build-up of dirt and debris, which reduces maintenance costs. The tough full-circle, four-piston braking system is highly durable and the hill hold function, fitted as standard, prevents the truck from rolling back down an incline – without requiring constant pressure on the brake pedal.

Kevin Cooper, Section Leader at Terex Trucks Motherwell in the UK, where the C-5 forklifts are already in operation, is impressed by their all-round performance: “We needed a tough truck for this application as the site is built on a hill and one of our main large-parts storage areas is at the top of the site. The Crown C-5 is very powerful, with enough torque to easily deal with the inclines, even when carrying heavy components.”

Cool solutions combat overheating and are guaranteed for up to five years

The Crown C-5 Series incorporates a powerful cooling system that efficiently cools the engine, enhancing the truck’s performance and extending the engine’s working life. The dual-radiator cooling system provides separate cooling for engine and transmission, in a design that minimises the build-up of debris and improves heat management.

Available as an option, Crown’s On-Demand Cooling (ODC) system combines precise ventilation with radiator clearing for reliable cooling as required. “This means that with each engine start, the fan automatically reverses to clear debris from the radiator. The cooling system is temperature-controlled, so completely independent of engine speed or direction of travel,” explains Martin Hainge, Director of Marketing EMEA at Crown. “And because it’s so efficient, we provide a five-year guarantee for the powertrain when fitted with the On-Demand Cooling system.”

Developed for operator comfort and safety

Whether driving, turning, lifting, loading or unloading – operators can be sure the truck will handle every operation and manoeuvre easily and smoothly. Hydraulic levers with tactile feedback, the easy-turn steering wheel and push-button one-touch electric park brake all make the truck a pleasure to drive.

A low counterweight, high seat, forward operator position, angled cross braces and open-mast design deliver exceptional visibility through 360 degrees – even trucks fitted with the unique fully enclosed cabin preserve this all-round view. With clear-view doors, two-way sliding windows, front and rear wipers and a heater, the cabin offers car-standard driving comfort even in extreme outdoor weather conditions. Crown’s tried-and-trusted Intrinsic Stability System™ encourages safe operation by continuously monitoring the degree of tilt and fork height, automatically adjusting truck functionality as required. Under the free-lift height, the rugged mast with I-beam profile has a full range of forward tilt; when the forks are above free-lift height, forward tilt is automatically limited to two degrees.

The Crown C-5’s other ergonomic features such as easy, rapid entry and exit, a spacious step and plenty of leg and headroom in the driving position are popular with operators. Kevin Cooper at Terex Trucks confirms: “The cabin is spacious, easy to access and well built, while the suspension seat ensures a smooth and comfortable ride. Driver feedback tells us the truck is stable, remaining smooth and controlled even on rough ground. We have also found the Crown C-5 to be fuel-efficient, with consumption significantly below what we expected.”

Crown’s Access 1 2 3® technology can be used to set maximum speed limits for individual lift trucks depending on direction of travel – ideal for warehouse applications. An accurate, patent-pending fuel gauge is also integrated into the system. By monitoring fuel pressure and temperature, it keeps track of real-time, average and total fuel usage. The C-5 Series can be fitted with cushion or super-elastic tyres; the latter are also available as a dual-drive option. With dozens of options, attachments and accessories, C-5 lift trucks from Crown are more than a match for even the most demanding and specialised applications – indoors and out.

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