Sparkling, white teeth are very much in vogue and it’s a trend with great profit potential for retailers. In a survey published by Mintel in 2014, 14% of consumers indicated that they’d used teeth whitening strips within the last month. Along with phenomenal market expansion, the industry has hit the headlines recently thanks to sales of inferior products that have raised concerns. Advanced Whitening Strips are a safe and effective tooth-whitening product that can be used quickly and easily and most importantly; they firmly adhere to the rules and regulations published by the GDC.


The growing appetite for a whiter smile

Coffee, tea, berries, fizzy drinks, condiments, red wine and even some mouthwashes are among the everyday items that leave stains on our teeth. With this in mind, it’s somewhat impractical to cut out all of the products that stain in order to retain the pearly white look that so many consumers crave.

Mintel predicts the overall tooth whitening market – including toothpastes – will continue to expand. Consumers in the UK are expected to get even more meticulous about the appearance of their molars with the oral care sector expected to be worth £1.23 billion by 2018. While whitening strips are winning fans of all ages, younger consumers are currently using them more with 17% of 16-24 year-olds reporting use on a weekly basis. This rises to 20% for the 25-34 age range.

GDC advice on hydrogen peroxide: what you need to know

As the use of consumer teeth whitening products has increased, the organisation that regulates dental professionals in the UK, the General Dental Council, has issued important guidance about their use and levels of whitening and bleaching products they contain. This advice aims to tackle problems detailed in the press relating to misuse of whitening products or formulas that contain levels of bleaching chemicals that are too high.

The GDC states teeth whitening products with levels of hydrogen peroxide between 0.1-6% present or released by mixtures and compounds may be considered safe if an appropriate clinical examination is carried out and exposure to the products is limited in terms of frequency and duration. Home whitening products should therefore have hydrogen peroxide levels that fall within these levels and should be supplied with clear instructions for their safe use. Advanced Teeth Whitening Strips are not only effective in removing stains; they also contain no hydrogen peroxide.

Advanced Teeth Whitening Strips are a NON PEROXIDE product, which means the gel formula used in their production contains no hydrogen peroxide nor does it release hydrogen peroxide during its use.

The flexible strips are coated with a tooth-whitening gel and are supplied as separate strips for use on the lower and upper teeth. Each strip can be shaped to fit the user’s mouth and is fitted in place by folding the excess strip behind the teeth for easy application. Advanced Teeth Whitening strips are left on the teeth for 30 minutes after which users should clean off any remaining residue by brushing the teeth and gargling. Users will notice a brighter smile within 14 days. Strips are available in boxes of 28, which equates to a two-week teeth whitening course.

If you are a salon or storeowner, or an online retailer who would like to explore the opportunity of enhancing their range by stocking Advanced Teeth Whitening Strips, you should contact wholesale stockists DentalBright360. Next day delivery and attractive pricing structures are available. From £2.30 + VAT with an RRP of £9.99.

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