Tinytag data loggers provide accurate and cost-effective monitoring for warehousing, storage and transport of goods, to ensure that environmental conditions can be recorded, analysed and validated. Data logging helps achieve quality management standards and compliance with specified regulations and procedures.

Ultra_NewOldRadio Data Logging System

Tinytag radio temperature/relative humidity loggers are ideal for premises requiring multiple monitoring points. Data is gathered automatically and sent via a receiver for direct viewing on a PC, across a LAN, or remotely across the internet. The Radio Data Logging System self-configures to form a mesh network and is flexible, allowing loggers to be moved or added as requirements change. Alarm warnings can be sent via email, which in turn can be used to generate text messages, enabling corrective action to be initiated.

Loggers in the radio range include weatherproof devices for use outdoors and in industrial settings, and discreet units for indoor monitoring in areas such as offices. Radio loggers can also be used in refrigerated vehicles, storing data locally when the vehicle is out, then sending it automatically to the receiver for analysis upon return.

Stand-Alone Data Loggers

As an alternative to the radio system, robust, stand-alone loggers record temperature and RH data which is download via a USB cable for viewing on a PC. To monitor temperature of products during transportation, the Tinytag Transit 2 Logger is ideal. Compact and lightweight, it is designed to sit unobtrusively with products in transit, and is also BS EN 12830 compliant to meet the demands of the frozen and chilled foods storage and transportation industries.

The Tinytag Energy Logger

This is a safe and easy to use tool for monitoring single and three phase power usage in high consumption premises. Portable and lightweight, it monitors voltage and current, and determines power and power factor. The Energy Logger records data to help identify times of peak load, and to identify power hungry or inefficient equipment.

Established in 1984, Gemini Data Loggers manufactures Tinytags in the UK and trades globally with a network of over 40 distributors.

Tel:?01243 813000

Email: info@tinytag.info


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