Waste not want not the best use for out of date food

We can all do our bit to help with climate change very easily.


We are all guilty of being wasteful and not appreciating what we have.

It is very important that we make as much use of the 15 million tons annually of unsold and out of date food going to waste. A lot of this perfectly good food currently goes to Anaerobic Digesters or composting which costs approx. £60 per ton or even worse landfill which attracts £80 per ton tax. We can operate at half of this. Most of this food is in packaging and if composted causes problems for the environment – as featured on Countryfile, 24th May 2015.

At Waste Food Solutions we have developed the Super Separator, each machine processing 4 – 5 tons per hour of packaged food, be it confectionery, fruit, veg, dairy products, in fact almost everything in any type of packaging. Recently we accepted a consignment that we thought would beat us – 44 tons of individually shrink wrapped cucumbers, the Super Separator excelled itself by sending the wrappers out ready to go to polymer recycling and the diced cucumber ready to go to feed the animals.


We have now developed another machine which is able to empty jars, glass bottles and tins. Again the food goes to farming, the glass, lids and tins back to the relevant industries, giving a 99% recycling rate.


Getting some of the 15 million tons of good food back to farming and the circular economy may help to get some of the 70% of pig farmers that have been lost over the past 10 years back in business thus creating thousands of jobs in the UK also reducing the need to import 620 million pounds worth of pork from the EU annually.


As you can tell, we are very concerned about our world – not just profit. Growing soya at the expense of destroying the rain forests of Brazil and Borneo just to feed our pigs is unjust. There are so many similar issues that are not sustainable.


Along with your help of food supplies, Waste Food Solutions are now in a position to open up processing plants nationwide.

Please view our website www.wastefoodsolutionsltd.com and ring Paul on 07714308619. We can save you money and make your company greener but above all help the environment.

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