Prowrap-Premium-fresh-cling-from-WrapexAt Hospitality 2011 Wrapex is launching its new Prowrap Premium range of cling film and aluminium foil. The company will also showcase its latest Speedwrap catering film and foil dispensers alongside the established Prowrap professional range of cling film, foil, baking parchment and greaseproof paper.

Prowrap Premium is a new range that offers the caterer the option of thicker, stronger foil and film. “Premium is the commercial kitchen heavyweight – as well as being tougher than standard films and foils it’s also easier to handle,” says Nick Scoon of Wrapex. “It’s especially useful in very busy sites, where standard wraps may be prone to getting torn or scrunched on the roll.”

Wrapex says its Speedwrap cling film and aluminium foil dispenser is the smallest, neatest and most user-friendly on the market. It’s available in two widths, 300mm and 450mm, is easy to load, can be cleaned in a commercial dishwasher and minimises waste, since virtually all the roll gets used. It offers a faster, safer way to prepare, protect and preserve food in the kitchen, bakery and sandwich bar.

Wrapping up Christmas Catering:

Six top tips on coping with festive pressure in the kitchen, from Prowrap.

Using film to cover prepped food is the ideal way to protect it and keep it fresh. If film tends to scrunch on the roll, invest in a heavy-duty dispenser such as the Speedwrap. This will feed film consistently and keep it ‘whole’, throughout the life of the roll. It will also speed up prep, since it’s quicker and more accurate than ‘hand rolling’.

Baking parchment is making a big comeback, partly because it eliminates the need to grease but also because it offers a very rapid turn-around for batches of baked goods, making it ideal for the Christmas rush.

Their speed makes commercial microwave ovens a great tool for both cooking and reheating at Christmas. Use cling film to cover the dish in the microwave, to retain moisture and flavour. However, make sure it’s not touching the food.

Retain the flavour and succulence of cooked meats by wrapping them in aluminium foil to store them. Try to wrap them as quickly as possible after cooking and chilling down, to keep them fresher for longer.

At busy times, staff will tend to treat things more carelessly. The kitchen’s standard foil and film may be fine for the rest of the year, but may not be up to the Christmas pressure. If they give problems, upgrade to premium versions, which are thicker and stronger.

Christmas puddings keep perfectly in baking parchment – which is also an ideal way to store those special Christmas cakes and biscuits.

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