If you’re currently operating a business-to-business (B2B) wholesale company that supplies products to retail companies, there’s a good chance that you haven’t thought of adding a delivery service to your list of offerings. This might seem like an unnecessary step that could be put off until later but there are some significant benefits that can come from serving as one of the only wholesalers who offer delivery in your area. More specifically, here are five reasons you may want to consider adding a delivery service to your wholesale business.


1. Expedited Shipping Capabilities

If you own a fleet of vehicles and can fulfil your own bulk deliveries, then you’re not at the mercy of the trucking shortage anymore and you can quickly accommodate all orders. However, if you do opt to build a fleet, it’s imperative that you remember to compare and select a fleet insurance plan using a comparison platform like www.quotezone.co.uk – a platform where you can compare motor fleet insurance policies and quotes from a variety of providers with ease. Quotezone makes it easy to save on all forms of insurance and even help you receive substantial discounts when bundling policies.

2. Accommodating More Customers

By offering delivery on orders over a certain purchase amount, you’ll be able to cater to customers who need your products urgently or those who do not have a way to pick up their orders. With a widespread shortage of truck drivers affecting every industry, there are so many cases when large or special orders are delayed in shipping because a courier hasn’t picked up the load. The ability to take the shipping phase into your own hands puts you in the position to accommodate any order that comes your way, instead of leaving you at the mercy of third-party transportation companies and drivers.

3. Providing Urgent Re-Stocking Services

If you’re a wholesale supplier for a number of local companies who regularly encounter urgent re-stocking needs, some of them may pay a delivery fee to cut out the hassle of having to perform pickups during business hours. This also makes you a more appealing wholesaler because companies will know that they can rely on you to keep all of their products in stock on an ongoing basis, even if they have a lapse in inventory management.

4. Ability to Charge a Premium

Of course, you’re not going to be giving out deliveries for free. Since many wholesalers don’t offer delivery, you can easily charge a hefty fee for this convenience, thereby creating another way to generate additional revenue. Whether you aim to offer the lowest prices, highest quality, or a combination of both, it’s always nice to have the ability to charge a premium for any service due to solely to its exclusivity.

5. Set Yourself Apart from the Competition

Finally, offering delivery as a wholesaler will also put you in an elite league because only a small minority of wholesale suppliers offer this convenience. Some will have arrangements with couriers and third-party transportation providers buts few actually have their own fleet of vehicles to facilitate orders expeditiously. When prospective clients are comparing their options, many of them will notice that you offer delivery and that could sway their selection in your favour.

Any Extra Convenience Can Be an Advantage

In the world of business, people tend to pay more for convenience than any other perk. By eliminating the hassle of arranging pickups, your wholesaler business can strengthen long-term relationships with clients through the convenience of punctual and reliable deliveries. If you’ve been looking for ways to promote repeat business and attract leads, adding a delivery service to your line-up might be an ideal course of action.

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