Bakery expert Brioche Pasquier has given its premium French pâtisserie a chic new look to emphasise the exceptional quality of the fine dining pastry products.  

The collection has been rebranded as Symphonie Pasquier, a name that plays on the variety of flavour notes in the extensive range.  Designed to offer professional chefs the finest French pâtisserie made in France to traditional recipes by skilled pâtissiers, the range is specifically designed for foodservice operators. 

“The name Brioche Pasquier is synonymous with high quality French pâtisserie, but not everyone knows just how much love and care is put into the production of our premium products,” explains Matthew Grenter, Foodservice Sales Manager. “Our new branding demonstrates the special touches we deliver such as the hand finishing of all our Petits Fours, the quality of our fresh French ingredients and the authenticity of our recipes.” 

The re-brand runs across the entire foodservice range and tells the story of the company’s clean label policy which means its’ products are free from preservatives, artificial colours and flavourings, animal gelatine, and hydrogenated fat. Brioche Pasquier’s environmental credentials are also made clear, showing how packaging is being reduced where possible, and that the essential packaging that remains has recyclability optimised.

“Our chic new branding tells our customers about all of these things in a sophisticated and relatable way that we feel will appeal to professional chefs who are looking for the best in on-trend desserts for their customers,” explains Matthew. “We are a family owned and operated business with over 80 years of history behind us. We hope that personal touch shows in the style and hand drawn nature of our new packaging.”

All of Brioche Pasquier’s premium pâtisserie products are baked in France and frozen immediately to preserve the fresh baked taste. They simply need a short time to thaw before serving. Any member of the kitchen team can assemble and present one of the desserts with a simple garnish.

Tel: 01908 266700

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