Aero Healthcare is one of the leading suppliers of first aid medical consumables and medical equipment.

The company aims to continually set the highest standards of customer satisfaction in its industry – through innovative products and services.

It also has the goal of continually demonstrating its commitment to sustainable environmental performance, and visibly plays a leading role in social responsibility within its sphere of influence.

Reuben Gilmore, Aero Healthcare’s Sales Director, tells Wholesale Manger the technological benefits of the firm’s Automated External Defibrillator portfolio and how Aero Healthcare’s new biodegradable wipes are better for the environment.

Can you tell us a little of the company’s history?

Aero started in Australia in 2001, UK 2005 and USA 2011. The reason Aero was formed was to produce medical devices that provide superior patient outcomes and provide a better experience. The first hero product/innovation was the world’s stickiest plaster and it remains a hero product; with many innovative and lifesaving products being developed since.

Aero Healthcare is a global leader in the First Aid and Consumer Wound Care sector; providing security and status with worldwide professional expertise. Spanning more than 100 years; a heritage of knowledge, and unique innovation that matches consumer needs, Aero is supported by a global turnover of £50M. Manufacturing and sourcing crosses 22 countries; and global purchasing power provides reliability, continuity and supply chain assurance.

Competitively different by manufacturing own brand products, Aero Healthcare leads the market with unique product innovation. Exceptional products such as AeroPlast Detectable Blue Plasters, Rapid Stop Bleed Control, SupaBond, CardiAct Defibrillation Solutions and AeroForm Snake Bite Bandage, carry the exacting International Quality Standards marks, a 100% guarantee and the new UKCA mark. Full compliance with the new Medical Devices Regulation is assured.

Aero Healthcare’s global production and distribution reach encompasses Europe, Middle East, North America and Oceania. Committed to excellence and ‘Reducing Preventable Deaths’, a comprehensive research and development processes ensure every product is efficacious, fast to apply, intuitive, available and affordable for all.

What are the key products in your range that wholesalers should be stocking?

There are many, but some of the key ones are Surefill first aid kits, Plasters, Eyewash, plus other first aid consumables.

How does Aero Healthcare communicate to wholesalers to make them aware of the product range?

We communicate in a variety of ways including phone, networking at exhibitions, LinkedIn, e-shots, digital campaigns and information through the media.

What technological benefits does the AED portfolio have?

Our AED portfolio comes with world class patented features to enhance the survival outcome; including the CPR advisor, and CPR insight with combined electrodes and battery in the pad pak.

What more can be done for the UK to provide more defibrillators in public places?

A lot more defibrillators are required to placed in public places to increase the survival rate.

What maintenance support does Aero Healthcare provide to manage the defibrillator fleet?

We have two types of services and support systems: a manual inspection and a fully connected system via Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity, to ensure the rescue readiness and maintenance can be done remotely.

How are Aero Healthcare’s new biodegradable wipes better for the environment?

They are the only natural fibre, plastic free, biodegradable wipe, that is enclosed in 100% recyclable packaging. They are uniquely developed to ensure that they could proudly hold their 100% credentials; the natural fibre wipes are designed to fully biodegrade in 60 days. This means that wherever they end up, including a domestic compost heap, they will reduce and safely become part of the earth again. This sets them apart from many other biodegradable materials that have to be specifically placed in an industrial composter to decompose. Aero Wipes will biodegrade in all situations and not just some. Furthermore, to ensure that the Aero Wipe’s green credentials were totally ethical; a key driver in the development process was to ensure that the strong hand and surface wipes were also 100% plastic free. They are biodegradable and compostable so will disappear whether they are put in landfill, compost or with food waste. And they have recyclable packaging.

What marketing activity do you have to support the wipes range?

We are running an integrated marketing campaign that includes print media, digital, social media and various brand touch points, to raise awareness of Aero Healthcare’s Safe and Green biodegradable wipes.


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