shutterstock_50486539For Foodservice, Distribution and Logistics providers, meeting service level agreements is a huge undertaking, requiring them to match customer demand with warehouse inventory, whilst delivering on time and at a profit. But their efforts are often undone by:

• High Inventory Costs. Companies maintain inventory levels high to ensure a consistent level of service

• Poor visibility into total orders. Account Managers incur costs by purchasing products from the same supplier as a colleague.

• Conflict between inventory and capacity. Buying and supply chain departments work in isolation and end up fire fighting overstock and out of stocks problems.

Five steps to cut inventory investment and boost availability

Aldata’s software solutions are designed to help you purchase the right volumes, at the right price, at the right time to ensure that you maximize the return from your inventory investment, whilst guaranteeing product availability to fulfill your customer’s orders.

With these five steps, Aldata’s software solution can transform your business:

#1 Aldata’s solution recognizes historical demand patterns in warehouse shipments or customer orders. Once seasonality and smoothing is applied, a demand forecast is automatically created for every item, in every warehouse.

#2 Promotional forecasting functionality automatically predicts the lift in volumes based on historical impacts from promotions and events. The lift is automatically applied to the demand forecast.

#3 Optimum safety stock is automatically calculated for each item on each order, based on the service level goal, supplier reliability, and forecast accuracy.

#4 Investment buying opportunities are highlighted to buyers and account managers, with potential financial gains made visible. Buyers are alerted to opportunities to hit volume agreements to exploit procurement of the same products across multiple customer accounts.

#5 Economic order quantities and supplier minimums are applied, and truck loads are created by supplier. An inbound plan is developed taking into account physical capacity constraints and optionally, labour requirements.

shutterstock_21492472The result: a solution that’s quick and easy to deploy, that helps you to run all areas of your business at maximum efficiency whilst keeping the customer at the heart of your operations.

Intrigued? – Aldata’s Foodservice & Logistics customers include: Transgourmet, among others across Europe.

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