01-Front-PageWelcome to the Autumn 2010 Wholesale Manager. As the weather cools and the schools go back, we hope you’ve had an enjoyable and successful summer. Here is the latest issue of the UK cash ‘n’ carry and delivered wholesale industry’s very own independently published, sector-specific tabloid magazine. Wholesale Manager is deliberately different – it’s bright, it’s fresh and it’s got the tabloid format’s power to make big statements and big impacts.


As a publisher we pride ourselves on taking an innovative and independent approach to how we do things. We’re committed to giving you, the wholesalers serving the nation’s independent retailers and the catering trade, your own publication dedicated to you, with the latest information from the suppliers you rely on for the best selling products and big name brands.

We specialise in presenting this news in a refreshing, accessible way. We’ve now produced our fourth quarterly issue. It might take a little while to get used to our style – but once you do, you won’t go back!

Before we launched Wholesale Manager, we researched what you, the readers, wanted in a trade magazine for the sector. Four issues on, we reckon we’ve nailed it, with a mix of news and features covering the ground for today’s wholesalers. You’re busy – we’ll keep you interested.

In this issue we’ve got features on Breakfast, Tinned Groceries and Table Talk, looking at sauces and condiments. They’re equally important for your retail customers and your cash ‘n’ carry catering clientele.

The breakfast sales opportunity spans eating at home and on the move, and according to research experts Mintel it remains a hugely important category even in our stressed out age, with many people still reckoning it should be their best meal of the day. Which is very good news for local convenience stores and cafés serving people on the go – and you, the wholesalers that supply them.

Tinned groceries have been a fact of British life for generations, and Heinz Baked Beans and Heinz Soup, for many years the biggest tinned grocery brands by far, are instantly recognisable on shelf as icons for hunger relief. But for a host of reasons tinned food has gone out of fashion with a sizeable chunk of the population – until now.

The recent recession has been great news for tinned food sales. After being overshadowed for years by the new generation of convenience foods that came in with microwaves, food in cans is making a comeback with cash-conscious consumers.

When the weather’s cold, bring on the sauces! Table sauces and condiments are big business for delivered wholesalers and cash ‘n’ carries, and take in a wide spectrum of products, from table sauces and mayonnaise, via hot sauces to pickles, chutney and relish. Staple products for independent retailers and catering customers, they’re a tasty sales opportunity year in year out.

Our ambition is for Wholesale Manager to be the title of choice wholesale managers turn to when they want a good read – in print or digitally. Hence we’re publishing this in print, digital format and on our web site. Happy reading, wherever and however you’re reading this!

James Surridge, Publishing Editor, Wholesale Manager mail@wholesalemanager.net

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