belVita, the UK’s number one[i] healthier[ii] biscuit brand, is extending its Soft Bakes range with the introduction of a new single-serve blueberry variant to target on-the-go shoppers.

The new launch follows a successful year for both the total belVita brand, which is now worth £79M[iii] and is growing at 3.5%[iv] year-on-year, and the belVita Soft Bakes range, which has seen sales grow by 13%[v].

The Blueberry Soft Bakes multipack was launched in 2018, and the new stand-alone version joins Choc Chip in the single serve belVita Soft Bakes range. It is available from 2nd March, at an RRP 60p*. The launch of belVita Soft Bakes Blueberry will be part of a wider marketing campaign in the first quarter of 2020, which will focus on the Soft Bakes sub-range.

Alice Cuthill, Brand Executive for belVita at Mondel?z International said: “belVita Soft Bakes Blueberry is the perfect product for shoppers looking for a convenient breakfast to give them energy for the whole morning[vi]. Not only is the belVita brand growing, but Soft Bakes also had a great year in 2019. The Blueberry flavour has been incredibly popular with shoppers in its multipack format, and we anticipate this will continue with the launch of the product in single-serve format.

“We are incredibly proud of belVita’s 62%[vii] repeat purchase rate. We know that once shoppers try it, they love it and come back for more. We’re positive they will do the same with the new Soft Bakes Blueberry variant, which will help to drive sales for retailers”.

To help retailers define and segment their main fixture and highlight a ‘breakfast biscuit’ section, Mondel?z offer shelf strips, available to order on   

What does this mean to the retailer?

  • Ensure you stock the latest innovation from the UK’s number one healthier biscuit[viii] brand
  • Tap into the growing demand for Soft Bakes, which have seen 13%[ix] sales growth
  • Capitalise on the popularity of the Blueberry flavour with a new on-the-go offering

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