Bestway is helping customers capitalise on the insatiable appetite among consumers for authentic, exotic food with the launch of world food departments across twelve strategically placed depots in its estate.


The growth in world foods shows no sign of abating with a market value of over £1.5bn and continuing to grow year on year. The launch of the twelve hubs will offer retailers the widest range of products from seven key regions; the Caribbean, Europe, Mediterranean, Africa, Middle East, South Asia and the Far East.

Umar Sheikh, Category Controller for World Food explains “The vast majority of true, authentic world foods – we’re not talking Dolmio or Old El Paso here – are consumed by the various ethnic groups. As the UK becomes more multi-cultural, there is a greater need for familiar, trusted products that have authentic, provincial flavours as consumers yearn for the taste of home.

The range we now offer has been carefully selected by analysing the demographic of each World Foods Hub. The new range extends over all continents yet compliments the variety our retailers want, and need to stock.”

Umar also says there is significant growth in the mainstream UK population for more authentic foods fuelled by the countless cookery programmes such as Master Chef and the desire among consumers to be more adventurous. “Many consumers want to develop their cooking skills and using authentic, quality products plays a key role in this culinary process. Having over 15 years of experience in the restaurant industry and as a Chef, the one thing I know is that everybody wants a shot at being a gourmet at home. At Bestway and Batleys, we want to make this possible by showing our continued support for the independent sector in servicing the consumer.

The project, which has taken twelve months to implement, now sees branded ‘Wold Foods’ aisles installed in ten Bestway and two Batleys depots with products grouped and clearly signposted by area of origin rather than product category.

Umar concludes “World Foods is a great category to get into for retailers. Firstly, it’s great for margins. Consumers are willing to pay a premium for authenticity and as a relatively new category there is no preconceived idea about price in the mind of the customer. Secondly, a good fixture will bring more customers into your store who in turn will buy other products increasing profitability. Thirdly, retailers don’t have to go to the ends of the earth wasting time and money searching out specialist wholesalers – products are available all under one roof from their local Bestway or Batleys when doing their usual shop.”

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