Great products start with great ingredients and McCain Foods customer Bidvest has been to see how McCain works with British farmers to produce the very best British potatoes for its chips.
Bryon Keen, Bidvest Head of Freetrade Sales – Harlow, explains: “The McCain Foods field to fork day was a fantastic opportunity for members of the Bidvest Foodservice team to witness first-hand the sheer passion and dedication of the McCain potato growers and agronomy team, whilst out on the farm.

“The attention to detail was impressive and the team and I were surprised to see just how labour intensive the growing process is. However what wasn’t surprising to us was the quality of the McCain chip range.

“It is important for Bidvest Foodservice to know the answers to our customers’ questions whether it’s what chips do we offer; how do they differ; or what do the effects of the different seasons have on quality and cost. We believe the best way to obtain these answers is to get out in the field and take an active role in overseeing the suppliers processes.

“The farm visit was an informative day and will help us when we’re visiting customers in the future. Having a supplier that is clearly committed to working in partnership with Bidvest Foodservice and the farmers is fantastic for us.”

As well as being the UK’s largest purchaser of British potatoes, buying approximately 15% of the annual potato crop, McCain Foods own a potato seed business in Montrose and works in partnership with more than 300 UK growers to ensure the very best potatoes are harvested.

For more information on the product range, visit for the latest menu inspiration and to follow the story of the McCain farmers and the lengths they go to produce the very best British potatoes for McCain chips.


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