bose_york.jpgBOSE is an internationally renowned manufacturer of high quality audio products. As well as selling through a chain of resellers, they also operate a number of stores around Europe in prestigious locations, including their flagship store in Regent Street in London’s West End. BOSE contacted DILAX in early 2008 with a requirement to monitor and report the footfall through 21 of their stores around Europe, including 11 locations in the UK and Ireland.

The specification called for a centralised database of all the results of footfall counts at the stores on a daily basis. The objective was to monitor the performance of each store in terms of footfall versus revenue and to be able to develop a central reporting system that would allow management to easily see how individual stores were performing relative to the whole chain. BOSE had specific strict requirements that the installation should be as unobtrusive as possible within the store so as not to affect their branding and upmarket store image. Also, the requirement specified that the data gathered from each store should be accessible from a central location on a daily basis and in easily readable report format such as an Excel spreadsheet.

After extensive research of the market for people counting systems, DILAX was selected as the most suitable supplier. First and foremost in their decision process was the DILAX OptoCount™ technology, which allows very small cameras to be fitted into ceiling panels near to the entrance to the store. These cameras are virtually undetectable and will not be noticed by customers. In addition the DAVIS Web Enumeris® software supplied by DILAX fulfilled all BOSE’s requirements for centralised reporting and easy access to the counting data.

bose_ashford.jpgAnother attractive feature of the system was the fact that the DAVIS Web Enumeris® software is a browser-based reporting tool, meaning that BOSE management could retrieve and examine the data at any time and any location where an Internet connection is available. BOSE were also impressed that DILAX actually designs, manufactures and supplies the system from end to end, unlike many other manufacturers who bring in third-party components to assemble a system.

Another important requirement for BOSE was that the installation of the counting system should be completed without any interruption to the normal operation of the stores. Consequently DILAX agreed to arrange installation overnight, with all work to be completed between the store closing at the end of one day’s trading and the opening of the store for the next day’s business.

In late August and early September 2008 the installation of the 11 stores all over the UK and Ireland was completed without a hitch at locations from London to Liverpool and from Portsmouth to Dublin. A team of installers travelled from location to location installing the camera and a control box called the OptoCount ™ PCU in each store. The power simply needed to be connected to the OptoCount ™ PCU and an Ethernet link established with the existing Local Area Network. At the same time other stores around Europe, in locations from Hamburg to Warszaw, were being installed by DILAX installation teams in co-operation with local electrical engineers.

The next stage was the installation of the DAVIS Web Enumeris® software at the DILAX Datacenter in Berlin and the commissioning of the system by remote configuration. Finally, a training course was held to show BOSE staff the capabilities of the DAVIS Web Enumeris® software and to help them to develop the specific reports they required from the system.

dilax_logo.jpgFor several months now, BOSE have been able to collate vital information about the footfall at individual stores and immediately compare them with revenue and other factors such as promotions and advertising. The results have exceeded even their expectations, with Mr. Rins Wijma, Director – Retail Direct Group Europe of BOSE N.V., commenting:
“The whole experience with DILAX has been positive and professional. The end result is that we are now able to closely monitor the performance of our individual stores and take operational decisions more quickly and more accurately. It will help us to identify the stores where we believe there is more potential, and where we can optimise our staff planning in order to give the best experience to our customers.”

Nigel Fountain, Managing Director of DILAX Systems Ltd, the UK and Ireland operation, spoke to The Grocery Trader. Click here to read the interview.

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  2. Barry Anderson

    How much would a single installation cost for a 16 and a 24 aisle supermarket?

    Can this be installed overnight as per Bose?

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