The Juice Smith has launched his national #JuiceToReduce campaign which is set to encourage positive lifestyle changes for all the family.

TJS-Launch.jpegd4138ba2-473f-4123-bbb2-566aa4131f9eAgainst the background of the government’s shocking childhood obesity report and the search for solutions based on healthier lifestyle choices The Juice Smith has unveiled ways his juicing plan not only aids a healthy diet and stimulates positive daily lifestyle changes.

Through its social media campaign, #JuiceToReduce, The Juice Smith will focus on introducing habits which will contribute to a healthy lifestyle by reducing toxins in your body, weight, tiredness, risk of health problems and much more.

The Juice Smith will invite followers to partake in a weekly competition by using the hashtag to reveal and share the positive results juicing has had on individual lives. Prizes will include: cleanses, membership to The Juice Smith community and vouchers for the flagship Juice bar.

The man behind The Juice Smith is Richard Smith- Bernal, fitness guru and celebrity trainer who previously played professional rugby.

He says: “The #JuiceToReduce campaign is to create awareness as well as helping people feel and look great. I believe in healthy cold pressed juices as the new guilty pleasure in life. But this will be guilt with a real lifestyle benefit.”

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