As February gets under way the winter winds still blow cold but it’s noticeably lighter in the mornings and evenings, heartening signs of spring. In a few short weeks it will be time once again for Britain’s annual spring cleaning blitz.

In our era of compulsive selfimprovement, spring cleaning the home in March is a natural follow on from dry January and February fitness. According to Mintel, the research experts, a third (32%) of Brits give their home an extra thorough, top-to-bottom or deep clean when the days start getting warmer or lighter. With the growing emphasis on convenience retailing, there’s an ever greater potential for wholesalers to work with their independent retail customers to make the most of this profit opportunity.

In the Northern Hemisphere the Spring Equinox falls on Tuesday March 20th. Many Brits celebrate the official end of winter by dusting away the cobwebs around the home.

Restocking cleaning products is part of the ritual, so now is the time to stock up and build displays and promotions in wholesale depots.

Spring is a time for people’s spirits to be uplifted and reconnect with themselves, if your thoughts run that way. If you’re a marketer, it’s more down to earth – the reconnecting is between brands and their consumers. With the arrival of spring, says Stephen Brown at Mintel, consumers are looking for cleaning tips and suggestions and household brands are creating online campaigns and scheduling product launches that coincide with the start of the spring cleaning season.

Another compelling reason for consumers to give their home a deep clean when spring comes is in preparation for home entertaining over the Easter break. Good Friday this year lands on Friday March 30th. Half the people who entertain at home say they spend more time than usual cleaning if they are expecting guests. Brands can therefore encourage the stocking up of cleaning products to get the home ready for guests but also remind consumer to have products they might need over the holiday period.

This could include highlighting cleaning requirements such as stain removers to clear up spillages. Continuing Mintel’s analysis, retailers have an opportunity to promote their products or introduce new ones as consumers jump into their spring cleaning ritual. In nature spring is a season for renewal, and in sales it can involve switching brands, trying something new or being more open to cleaning tips. When brands connect with consumers online to offer cleaning tips, they take part in the growing practice of brands addressing lifestyle needs.

Consumers increasingly rely on brands not just for product needs, but also lifestyle solutions.

Finally, in the case of household cleaning products, there is also a simultaneous need for lifestyle solutions that are eco-friendly. Brands which address the need for environmentally-friendly cleaning alternatives, are part of the Mintel Trend “Moral Brands,” which highlights how consumers are also looking to brands to solve ecological and ethical issues like child safety and health.

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