COOK, the high-quality frozen ready-meals manufacturer and retailer, has selected business intelligence IT specialist Informance to develop a QlikView Christmas Stock Tracker App that will give it insight into customer buying trends, inventory and margins during the festive period. The QlikView App will enable COOK’s food, production and retail teams to make key decisions about stock by providing them with timely and relevant information analysis straight to their desktops – something which wasn’t possible before.

EDITThe QlikView App will deliver all the information users need instantly and will empower them to ask the right questions at the right time. Staff will be able to analyse key data and answer questions such as: how the Christmas range is selling against targets, whether stock levels need increasing or reducing, if more stock needs producing or if surplus stock needs discounting, whether stock is in the right place in the storage chain and if stores are ordering correctly.

Jeff Turner, head of IT for COOK says: “Being a manufacturer and retailer poses its own unique challenges and with Christmas being a key trading period for us we have to manage the relationship between sales and stock very carefully. Unfortunately, we can’t just pick up the phone and order more products if sales are going well, we have to schedule and make it as all our products are prepared by hand in our kitchen”.

In addition to the QlikView Christmas App, Informance is also developing a number of manufacturing-specific QlikView dashboards that will be implemented to support COOK’s long-term IT strategy. The QlikView dashboards will provide COOK with complete visibility across its manufacturing and retail business with instant information analysis using the data stored in its enterprise resource planning system, which encompasses manufacturing, finance, stock, warehousing, distribution, electronic point-of-sale and customer relationship management.

cook_tagline_187UJeff Turner says: “We had seen the great things that other organisations across different industries had done with QlikView and we could see how QlikView could help transform our company’s business intelligence into on-demand business discovery.”


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