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Covonia-150-Thunder4Covonia, the cough medicine with CLOUT, has continued its impressive growth record with grocery market sales showing an impressive +29% increase in 2008 and the brand being revealed as the fastest growing major cough brand in both the multiples and the independent sectors. Covonia is now the No.2 cough range in UK grocery (IRI £-sales 52 w/e 24.1.09).

Covonia’s sustained success – which is prompting many independent retailers to review their cough and cold fixtures – is supported by the brand’s largest ever national TV, radio and online advertising drive (featuring the famous Covonia red bull), as well as an extensive consumer PR campaign. Further growth is expected during 2009, with advertising spending set to increase by +34 per cent!

Ed Round, Group Product Manager for Covonia, says: “The brand’s tough, no-nonsense approach to cough, cold and flu symptoms is resonating with consumers who are looking for a treatment they can trust to get the job done rapidly – and actually feel working.

“Many independent retailers’ cough and cold fixtures are typically 10 years out of date and don’t reflect the dominance of the leading brands with the biggest marketing campaigns. Covonia’s phenomenal growth in the grocery sector in recent years is really changing this and forcing independent retailers to take note.

“National multiples spend a lot of money on market research to find out what products their customers want – the results of this are reflected on their shelves. Obviously small retailers can’t afford to spend vast amounts of money on research, so a good way to learn would be to look at fixtures in the major grocers, to see what products sell well and what don’t. A simple guide is that the brands with more facings, such as Covonia, are earning the retailer more profit than the ones with fewer facings!”

The best-selling products in the range are Covonia Chesty Cough Mixture (Mentholated) and Covonia Dry & Tickly Cough Linctus, but incredibly every single Covonia product showed growth last year (IRI £-sales 52 w/e 24.1.09).

For detailed product information, downloads, competitions and free Point of Sale material ordering visit or contact Thornton & Ross on 01484 842217.

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