Specialist supply chain management software company, CSfD (Computer Systems for Distribution) is predicting the growth of hybrid IT solutions for businesses as the company looks back over the last quarter century and celebrates its 25th anniversary.


Chief executive officer Peter van der Merwe said: “We have seen rapid change in the technology sector since the company began and this is set to continue as businesses look to find partners with flexible, adaptable systems that help them meet the challenges ahead.

“Technology has advanced more quickly in the last eight years than in the 20 that came before and we have been able to design and implement more sophisticated and useful management systems than perhaps was thought possible when the company started. As customers’ needs and expectations have evolved, so has our service offering. We’re seeing a trend for integrated and cross-platform IT system requirements and predict this to continue.”

CSfD is a market leader in innovative, supply chain management systems that help businesses with a foundation in logistics and distribution to grow their business through process efficiency and real time reporting. Its products are widely used in foodservice, pharmaceutical wholesale, third party logistics and military market sectors.

Mr van der Merwe added: “As mobile meets cloud computing, software and applications that can run simultaneously on any device will continue to grow. We are investing in our cloud based software offer to ensure that we are able to meet our customers’ demands for 24/7 information and flexible systems.”

Founded in May 1990 by business partners Chris Hewetson and Paul Henshaw, the business is headquartered in Brackley. Since its inception the company has achieving strong year on year growth. It is contracted to supply distribution software systems to clients worldwide.

The team marked its silver anniversary at the beginning of May with a river boat cruise down the Thames with a celebratory meal.

The 25 year milestone follows CSfD’s recent announcement that it has teamed up with leading foodservice provider, Bidvest 3663, to develop a foodservice specific addition to CSfD’s Pentelon Product Suite.

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