Placing-an-order-screenshotWholesalers have been prevented until now from electronically organising drop shipment deals for local shops that do not have EPOS because relevant technology, usable on a PC with simple basic broadband, was not available. But now that’s all set to change, thanks to new Spedi brand software from STD Retail Solutions.

The previous lack of available, accessible technology prevented most independent retailers from efficient least-cost ordering and stocking local and regional products despite rising consumer preference. Many shops without EPOS were also locked out of electronic trading with wholesalers.

As market competition generally increases over the next couple of years and already hard pressed local shops are faced with further cutting costs and increasing efficiencies, and as local products move up the wholesale agenda to meet market demand, new software from Spedi Retail Software will give wholesalers a basic entry-level software system which is free to their independent retailer customers.

The system is unique in that all the retailer needs is broadband and a PC: fully fledged EPOS scanning is not necessary. Every retailer has a home or office PC, but electronic scanning is far from universal.

Manual ordering by phone, with back office paperwork and invoice handling, is costly in time and admin. Spedi has banished this with its unique, easy to install and secure Connect software.

Spedi Managing Director David Mendus told Wholesale Manager: “This system enables wholesalers to organise direct drop shipment to every retail customer, including those without epos. Every supplier big and small can use it too. It’s a breakthrough. Suppliers’ product inventories and order history are covered and it is free to the retailer. The supplier pays a tiny fee per delivery, which is a minimal consideration when you consider the cost savings plus the potential for increased sales over the full range.”

Promotions-screenshotMick Carden at Davey’s Food and Wine in Redhill is an enthusiastic supporter: “Wholesalers must be more pro-active and help businesses like mine. They can use Spedi Connect to be far more efficient – and it’s free to retailers. Connect will give me and the wholesaler control of every order I place, and every drop shipment that is delivered to my shop, with all this in one place where I can access it quickly, in a business-like manner. If Connect Software was our link with wholesalers and suppliers, my margins would improve, my wholesaler’s margins would improve and we would know where we are all the time.”

Contact the Spedi Helpline on 020 8336 4999 or visit

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