With sustainability ever higher on the agenda, Combilift’s range of electric powered forklifts, stacker trucks, narrow aisle articulated trucks and other innovative handling solutions can help customers achieve their environmental goals. Combilift’s versatile trucks work inside and out and can reduce fleet size and therefore a company’s carbon footprint. A hallmark of Combilift’s products is the ability to work in narrow aisle or tight areas, creating up to 50% more space to maximise available storage capacity. This avoids the need to expand the size of a facility in times of growth, resulting in fewer new builds and lower energy consumption for heating and lighting, for significant reduction in the physical and therefore carbon footprint. Safer handling and increased productivity are also welcome benefits.

Emission free and quiet operation means that noise pollution is no longer an issue and this is much appreciated by drivers, employees and visitors on site as well as neighbouring residents and businesses. Combilift CEO and co-founder Martin McVicar: “Over 60% of the trucks we now manufacture are electric, with availability in almost all models across our range. More and more of our customers are opting for electric power so it is obvious that they are as committed to sustainability and a circular economy as we are.” As there are no combustion engines or hydraulic transmissions in electric powered trucks, this offers further operational advantages: there is no longer any need to check and top up engine fluids or lubricants, resulting in longer intervals between services, ultimately saving costs. Combilift also uses toughened, eco-friendly water-based paint which dramatically reduces the amount of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) during build.

At Combilift’s own manufacturing facility, features such as daylighting technology – LED lights with individual PIR sensors, solar panel energy and rainwater harvesting are all aimed at conserving natural resources and decreasing energy consumption. 92% of all components used in the truck assembly are 100% recyclable and the company is also on track to save over 473 tons of CO2 by using carbon neutral wood chip instead of gas for heating within the factory.

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