zypadwl1100z.jpgThe Zypad WL 1100 is a wearable computer designed to give the user instant access to computing capabilities in field-based activities, especially those where there is a need to keep both hands free for the tasks being carried out. Featuring hands-free operation, robust wireless capabilities (Ethernet and Bluetooth), and with options for built-in GPS tracking, RFID readers, Zigbee and add on 2D and 3D ring scanners, this versatile wearable computer serves as an ideal tool for stock management, warehousing, logistics and servicing applications, in fact any area where hands-free access to large amounts of information is necessary.

The wearability and hands-free operation of the ZYPAD prevents it from being dropped while in use and overcomes the physical limitations associated with normal hand-held computers. The benefits of this are clear – dock door operations do not suffer from the time wasted in picking up and putting down scanners whilst handling packages; service data is available to maintenance staff whilst leaving both hands free to work; field based staff are directly linked back to head office to receive work instructions, process customer data etc.

The ZYPAD WL 1100 integrates all the power and capabilities expected from a full size PC within an extremely versatile device. The design is compact and unobtrusive in use, allowing for flexible ergonomic positioning and easy fastening to the arm, even over the users work clothes, thus ensuring ideal weight distribution and maximum comfort.

From its original concept the ZYPAD WL 1100 has been designed to be as flexible as possible maximizing its potential application areas. The ZYPAD WL 1100 can be quickly configured to access any remote host system through its integrated wired or wireless interfaces using either Linux or Windows CE operating systems. Information can be shared and services accessed regardless of location.

For further information please contact the Eurotech sales team on +44 (0) 1223 413028 or visit www.eurotech-ltd.co.uk

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