uk-varietiesWalkers Nonsuch Toffees, England’s finest speciality toffee makers are proud to announce their 12 varieties of twist wrapped toffees available in 2.5kg bulk bags for pick and mix.

The range includes 2 nut varieties, (Walkers are the only manufacturer to use actual nibs of nuts), 3 eclairs including the favourite milk chocolate éclair, both milk and dark chocolate covered, traditional royal toffee, chocolate toffee, the much loved liquorice and treacle toffees and of course Assorted Royal Toffees.

Walkers use all the finest ingredients, whole milk and butter and really good quality chocolate and there are no artificial colours, preservatives or hydrogenated vegetable oil in this unique recipe.

Walkers not only take a real pride in the quality of the product but also in each individual wrapper.  Emma Walker comments, “We use metalized wax paper film which is extremely expensive but the metallization attracts the eye and the wax paper ensures each sweet is kept fresh and retains its shape. Colour and design are also key to make sure they stand out in any display”.

The extensive range ensures that there is a favourite to suit everyone whether young or old. The product quality is second to none so once tasted you can rest assured they’ll be back for more.

For further information on Walkers’ Nonsuch and its complete range of speciality toffee products, please call 01782 321525 or visit their website at

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