The UK’s leading confectionery wholesaler, Hancocks has revealed a selection of its new products, including the novelty range from Crazy Candy Factory.

The confectionery experts are now stocking a selection of new products that include Crazy Candy Factory novelty treats as well as tasty additions to the pick and mix lines.

Crazy Candy Factory’s new novelty range is perfect for children, making them excellent choices at birthday parties and get-togethers.

Part of the new range is the Double Duo Dunker which is a double ended, fruit flavoured lollipop containing four flavours all in one tasty novelty treat. Each dunker has two lollipops and two sherbert dipping powders – flavours include blue raspberry, strawberry and cola.

Another tasty sherbet and lollipop combination treat is Crazy Candy Factory’s Paint Splash Lollipops. Available in orange & strawberry, blue raspberry & green apple, and cherry cola, this fun pocket money sweet includes a tub filled with sherbet accompanied by a dipping lollipop paintbrush.

Also part of the new range are Zoo Lollipops. These individually wrapped lollipops come in cola, strawberry, blue raspberry and cherry flavours and their fun animal shape make them appealing to children.

Hancocks are also stocking the fun new Winnie the Pooh impulse packs from Pez. Each pack comes with two Pez refill packs and with three characters to collect – Winnie, Tigger and Eeyore – Winnie the Pooh fans will definitely be coming back for this sweet treat.

Other new products at Hancocks include a selection of fun new pick n mix products.

Amongst them are Kingsway’s Cinema mix, Fizzy little mix and Fini Toothbrush and Dentures.

This fun range of pick n mix look great as part of displays or can also be packed into smaller jars or bags.

Chris Smith, Marketing Communications Manager at Hancocks said: “We love being able to constantly provide retailers with fun and exciting products.

“The Crazy Candy Factory novelty range is the perfect pocket money treat for kids and their fun, quirky packaging is what makes them even more enticing.

“Kids will love products like the Double Dunker Duo and the Paint Splash Lollipops because they offer something different and fun as opposed to just regular sweets.

“Having new ranges of pick and mix is always great too – they’re a must have for retailers looking to keep their pick and mix displays colourful, fun and up to date!

“The Winnie the Pooh impulse buys from Pez are also fantastic – having three characters to collect is a great incentive for parents and children to purchase this product again, making it a really great impulse buy option.”

Hancocks is the UKs leading confectionery wholesaler with 14 nationwide cash and carry stores and an online channel Customers can shop online 24/7 with delivery to the door or click and collect options.

Hancocks is the one stop shop for confectionery for over 25,000 independent retailers and is part of the World of Sweets group.

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