HEINEKEN has announced the first results of its Greenpaper three-year category strategy, with its insight thought to be instrumental in driving more than half of the £670m opportunity that HEINEKEN identified in 2018.

Unveiled in March, HEINEKEN’s Greenpaper offered retailers solutions on how to grow their businesses and accelerate growth in the beer and cider category. Built from over 100 pieces of qualitative and quantitative research, the category strategy identified an incremental £670m in value for the Off Trade over the next three years (2018 – 2021) via six different drivers. Each of these focused on leveraging seasonal and sporting events (Sports & Seasons), premium alternatives (We’re Worth It), healthier options (Live Better), driving value through core principles (Maximise the Core), legal drinking age to 24 years old shoppers (My Generation) and food pairings (Great with Food).

To date, an incremental growth of £355m has been identified across the strategy, with HEINEKEN’s ‘We’re Worth It’ driver responsible for £148m alone. Alongside this, its ‘Sports and Seasons’ driver has resulted in a growth of £125m, with the other four drivers contributing to the £355m total.

Toby Lancaster, Category and Shopper Marketing Director at HEINEKEN UK, commented: “2018 has truly been an incredible year for us at HEINEKEN, demonstrated by the level of results coming in from our Greenpaper strategy. Whilst we were confident this year would be bigger than ever due to the World Cup, the unexpected summer heatwave that hit Britain really helped to push our sales off the chart – as the temperature soared, so did demand for premium beer and cider.” 

“Whilst there’s still work to be done on our drivers, in particular pushing our ‘Great with Food’ strategy as well as a continued focus on ‘Living Better’ with the no and low category, I think it’s fair to say we’ve truly hit the ground running this year. We very much look forward to building on this momentum across the beer and cider category into 2019, so we can continue our commitment to helping our customers grow their business and together boost the category as a whole.”

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