Sauces market leader Heinz has created a new packaging design for its Heinz Mayo brand and is re-launching it as Heinz Mayonnaise, for the first time, across the retail sector. This move will align the range with Heinz Foodservice, where the brand is already called Heinz Mayonnaise.

The new label will now include the traditional Heinz keystone and the ‘57 varieties’ association to highlight the quality and taste credentials of Heinz Mayonnaise. In addition, all retail and consumer facing foodservice recipes will now be made with free range eggs, which will also be flashed on the front of packs. The label will encourage consumers to connect the product with the rest of the Heinz Sauces portfolio, reminding them of Heinz’s expertise in the sauce category, in a bid to drive purchase and trial.

The re-design is being supported with an on-pack promotion – offering consumers their money back if they decide that Heinz isn’t their favourite mayonnaise – as well as coupons, samples and in-store activities.

Available on shelf from the end of May, the new look Heinz Mayonnaise will have a dark blue label, whereas the ‘light’ variety will feature a light blue label, to reflect the different calorie contents.


“Currently Heinz Mayonnaise is branded differently for foodservice and retail, which can lead consumers to struggle with connecting the two brands. To ensure one consistent brand image, the re-design will be implemented across both sectors with all consumer facing foodservice packs aligning by the end of the summer,” said Nicky Cummerfield, Senior Brand Manager, Heinz Mayonnaise.

As well as using free range eggs, the new recipe already meets the 2012 official salt targets for mayonnaise, whilst still providing all the taste that consumers expect.

Nicky concluded: “By re-designing our packs we are encouraging consumers to re-appraise the Heinz range. We are proud of our new free range eggs recipe and are confident that once consumers try Heinz Mayonnaise, they will be impressed with its deliciously creamy and smooth flavour. We are strengthening our value proposition with the re-design, which in turn, will grow sales for our retail partners.”

Heinz Mayonnaise currently has a 5% value share of the mayonnaise category and is outperforming the market. Boasting value sales of 19% and volume sales of 10% for year-on-year growth, compared to the category growth value of +1.2% and volume sales of +3.2% respectively, Heinz is confident that consumers will turn to Heinz Mayonnaise after trialling it.

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