Small business owners are always looking for new ways to improve their business, in terms of increasing company sales and reaching awider net of customers. With the whole world online, access to Social Mediaplatforms and translation services offered cheaply, a small business’ market is immediately opened to more customers than what could ever be achieved with a physical store.


But if you are looking to expand your business overseas and across borders, how do you go about it – when you don’t have access to your own warehouse and fleet of delivery lorries?

When competing in an international market with fortune 500 companies, who have their own private delivery services, it can feel impossible to even consider entering the game. However, with Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA), even the smallest of businesses are able to expand with their much bigger competitors.

FBA helps to widen the market for smaller business, by storing and distributing your products from their fulfilment centres across the Europe. Meaning for a small cost and very little trouble, you can expand your business internationally, almost overnight.

How does Fulfilment by Amazon Work?

FBA enables third party sellers, for example small business owners, to have their own products distributed and delivered by Amazon on their own behalf.

It means that third party sellers can send their products to fulfilment centres all over Europe and have a trusted and reliable brand pick, package and deliver them without costing an arm and a leg. The service includes offering potential customers the same shipping rates and policies as what is offered on Amazons own website, as well as allowing customers to take advantage of Amazon’s FREE super saver delivery service on your products.

Customers will also be able to track their shipments, monitor the dispatch date and estimate delivery times through the “your account” of Amazon.

How will it help my Business?

FBA can not only increase your customer base in the UK, but in the rest of Europe too. Amazon offer their world class resources to their FBA customers and offer various options for delivery for your products. Being a trusted, well known and reliable brand, potential customers are a lot more likely to purchase from you, rather than when using an unknown or unreliable delivery service.

To use Amazon’s FBA service, just register as a seller and send your products to the appropriate fulfilment centre and wait for the sales to come in. Staff at fulfilment centres will store, pick, package and dispatchyour products within the UK and Europe.

How do I get myProducts to an Amazon Fulfilment Centre?

As soon as you have registered as a seller with FBA, it is time to get your products to the right fulfilment centres ready for your first order – but how do you go about it?

Finding shipment companies who will deliver to Amazon Fulfilment Centres can take a while as many companies choose not to offer adelivery service to those locations. In addition it is recommended to choose a company who understand how FBA works, to make it a much less stressful experience.

Companies such as National Pallets, who have a wealth of previous experience working with FBA and their centres, as well as understanding how the service works, from the booking to the delivering of the goods and everything in between.

As a first time seller, working with a company as big as Amazon can be somewhat daunting, however choosing a company who understand the process from start to finish, will make the experience both easier and lessstressful.

A company in the know will understand industry jargon,assist you throughout the entire process and know how to book the complicated process of booking appointments to deliver to fulfilment centres – so you don’t have to.

Using FBA can help expand your business horizons and take your company from a one stop shop, to international success. Regardless of what product you’re trying to sell, choosing to work with FBA can help you to achieve your business goals.

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