Eng2011.001-Hand-HygieneRieke Dispensing says renewed health concerns following the latest flu outbreak is once again focusing attention on the need for effective hand hygiene, which in turn has created strong demand for the company’s range of dispensers.

According to Rieke, while a possible flu epidemic or pandemic is the subject of current headlines, the continuing threat of Healthcare Associated Infection is of equal concern. “Most of us are already aware of the so-called hospital ‘super bug’ MRSA, but even this is just the tip of a rather nasty iceberg,” explains Managing Director Mark Box. “Just recently, for example, a new enzyme NDM-1 that can exist in different bacteria and may be resistant to even the most powerful antibiotics has entered UK hospitals.  The reality is that these types of dangers are with us for the long term.”

Research has confirmed that even the simplest routine household hand washing method can reduce the spread of such infections. At the same time, traditional bars of soap have fallen out of favour because they have the potential to act as reservoirs for contamination. This has led to a huge rise in the popularity of liquid soaps and the introduction of a new generation of products including hand scrubs and sanitizers.

Mr Box says Rieke RS dispensers are being adopted for a wide range of hand hygiene products thanks to their ability to handle many different types including liquids, thicker lotions and aggressive chemicals.

The Rieke RS3, RS5 and RS5 offer the convenience and hygiene of accurate dosing of the required amount of product with minimal effort. Ball, poppet valve and wide bore designs are available for liquids of different viscosities, while no metal contact dispensers are ideal for alcohol-based products. A shower proof construction prevents water ingress.

All models are shippable, enabling them to be locked in the down position for ease of transport and, once opened, re-locked in the up position to avoid a final unwanted dose when locking. For added convenience, a special ‘suckback’ system can be specified that pulls product back into the nozzle after dispensing in order to provide a consistently clean and hygienic operation and avoid mess and waste. Tamper-evident and child resistant options are also available for added security and reassurance, along with wall mounted and elbow operated versions.

For manufacturers, a universal closure or large lid adaptor can be specified to allow pumps to be used with a variety of container sizes and designs.

“Hand hygiene will continue to play a key role in helping to minimise the risk of the spread of infections,” says Mark Box. “As new products are developed, our dispensers will remain crucial to ensuring these products are used to their best effect.”

Rieke Dispensing

Tel: 0116 233 1100

Email: sales@riekedispensing.co.uk

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