71991731IBS Introduces the first in a wave of strategic product announcements for Scalable Distribution.

International Business Systems (STO: IBS B), the leading application supplier for wholesale and distribution, announced today a new package of business intelligence (BI) software offerings, named IBS Distribution Intelligence, designed for the specific demands and needs of wholesale and distribution. The launch of IBS Distribution Intelligence is the first in a wave of strategic product announcements planned for the company during 2010, focused on Scalable Distribution.

IBS Distribution Intelligence, which is part of the IBS Enterprise Distribution Management application suite, is a set of integrated planning, real-time monitoring and performance improvement management-tools. Together they provide all the necessary capabilities to run, improve and plan for better distribution processes. Packaged as a scalable suite of products, IBS Distribution Intelligence provides a complete BI solution for distribution, no matter how small or large. Specifically the new packaged offerings consist of three key sets of products:

1) For “Planning”

IBS Planners – a set of graphical planning tools for sophisticated modelling, forecasting and planning at all levels of demand, supply, and sales and operations planning (S&OP). The tools are based on advanced statistical modelling algorithms as well as direct customer demand forecasts and marketing and sales forecasts insight, and include some of the most advanced planning methodologies of today.

2) For “Operational Management”

IBS Activity Monitor – a solution that provides fast, accurate and real-time visibility of operations and processes from the warehouse through to the boardroom. IBS Activity Monitor helps users have a ‘direct window’ into the very workings of a company’s operations, allowing the information to be extracted and combined with online information for viewing on-screen, on paper or integrated with other PC applications, such as spreadsheets, email or HTML.

IBS Alert Manager – allows triggers and alerts to be defined within IBS Enterprise such that when a particular event occurs (for example a stock item reached a predefined limit) as set of particular notifications (e.g. email or SMS text message) and actions can be carried out automatically.

3) For “Reporting & Analysis”

IBS Performance Manager – collects and organises data from IBS Enterprise and other sources, to allow users to ‘slice-and-dice’ information, run reports and analyse historical information. IBS Performance Manager comes with over two hundred pre-defined reports, and key performance indicators (KPIs) based on industry-standard metrics such as the SCOR-model.

“This launch of our new Distribution Intelligence offerings is the first of several such important announcements in the coming few months,” says Andy Bailey, Chief Marketing Officer at IBS. “As the leader in Distribution Resource Management software we know what makes distribution tick, and having the right information at the right time and at the fingertips of the right people is the key.”

Although each implementation of IBS Distribution Intelligence can be fine-tuned to any specific requirements, its focus on ‘encapsulated expertise’ pre-configured reports and pre-built data models, means it can be up and running within a few days.
Designing and developing such systems from scratch can take many months and sometimes years to build.

Q9Q3137Each of the three product areas of IBS Distribution Intelligence provides a powerful standalone solution, but together they offer the up-to-date, accurate information needed to make those critical business decisions that maximise the five key distribution value drivers:

• Maximised revenues

• Reduced expenses

• Improved margins

• Optimised inventory

• Controlled cash

“Better decisions means better planning and better planning means lower operational costs and improved customer service levels,” continued Bailey. “Likewise faster notification when things go wrong, which they inevitably do from time to time, means you can deal with it before it becomes a crisis. That again translates into happier customers, streamlined business processes and ultimately increased profitability. Our main objective is to make this a reality for customers.”

For more information, please visit www.ibs.net

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