Scottish premium lager brand Kestrel drives forward its Brewed for the Bold advertising campaign with Euros Football advertising on STV player. The Brewed for the Bold campaign focusses on those that ‘live life glass half full’ and celebrates individuality in its consumers. Award-winning Kestrel lager is boldly brewed, taking inspiration from traditional monastic brewing processes and uses a lengthy and costly 9-stage brewing process to deliver the uncompromising, full-bodied and intense flavour that drinkers have become accustomed to. The campaign is supporting the ‘Flying Kestrel’ project which has been documented as a two-season special on Insight TV which follows the restoration journey of a 1935 Riley Kestrel 9 into a 900bhp world record speed challenger and is part of the brands global marketing plans, which is helping to achieve considerable growth in both domestic and export markets.

The advertising campaign kicked off with the 30 second commercial cited in the half time ad break within the iconic England Vs Scotland match, which saw the two teams come head-to-head for the first time in a major tournament in 25 years. The Brewed for the Bold campaign will continue throughout the summer across digital and printed media, including across social channels. Season 2 of the documentary is airing from September and is available on the Insight TV platform which is accessed by 300m households worldwide. There are some considerable developments coming for Kestrel in the coming months, all of which are reinforcing its place as a must-stock brand for independent retailers.

Kestrel continues to attain significant growth throughout UK wholesale channels, with Kestrel Super Premium lager remaining the UK’s best-selling 9% abv canned lager. Kestrel Premium lager is growing at +52% yoy (internal sales data to April 21) and is gaining recognition and brand awareness as the vegan canned lager of choice. More recently Kestrel Extra Premium lager has been released and is continuing to gain market share in the higher strength beer category. Kestrel is being supported by a multi-million-pound marketing campaign which is geared to attract a younger demographic, as premium value crafted offerings continue to see growth with millennials and Gen Zs as they become more focussed on sustainability and traceability. Kestrel is taking several steps to reduce its impact on the environment and is continually assessing sustainability aspects of production.

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