With experts predicting this summer is likely to be a scorcher*, dustbins and wheelie bins across the UK are likely to see an increase in pests, notably flies.

The female housefly can lay up to 10 eggs at a time and in warmer months these can develop from maggot to fly in less than five days. With bin collections happening as little as once a fortnight in many areas in the UK, that means a lot of flies, fast.

Robert Bell, microbiologist for Bin Buddy and Challs International Ltd, says: ‘Flies are not only a visible and audible nuisance, but they can also carry germs and disease. They can transfer germs from food waste, faeces and carcasses onto clean surfaces and food.

‘As food waste decomposes, a bin offers the perfect breeding ground for some really nasty bacteria, including in many cases E. coli and Salmonella. Flies can transfer these bacteria as they buzz from surface to surface, spreading disease around the home.’

As flies are attracted to the odour of decomposing rubbish, a scented product such as Bin Buddy, the UK’s first odour neutraliser and insect repellent in one, is the perfect foil. The fragrances of Citrus or Berry Blast and an insecticide work together to kill and repel nasties including flies, maggots, wasps, ants, cockroaches, mosquitoes and more, without harming pets or the environment.

The experts at Bin Buddy have devised the following top tips to help keep your rubbish fly free this summer:

• Keep your bins out of the sun – flies love sunshine

• Don’t overfill your bin – open lids means easy access for flies to lay their eggs

• Always put all food waste straight in the bin

• Rinse all packaging and bottles before throwing them     away

• Empty solids from disposable nappies into the toilet before binning

• Double bag dog and cat waste

• A sheet of newspaper at the bottom of the bin will soak up any liquids which might stick to the bin and attract flies

• Sprinkle Bin Buddy in your bin and bin liners every time you empty/open your bin

Bin Buddy is available in two variants, Citrus and Berry Blast

Recommended Retail Price (RRP): £4.99

Stockists: ASDA, Waitrose, Homebase, Robert Dyas and independent hardware stores with other retailers to follow

* Jonathan Powell/Ray Anthony, Positive Weather Solutions, March 25th 2011

Challs International Ltd


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