kerb-climbing-dolly.jpgLINPAC Allibert has created an innovative kerb climbing dolly that makes moving trays stacked with merchandise from van to pavement and into the store, easier, quicker and safer. This simple yet effective tool has been specially developed for LA’s client, Greggs plc, suppliers of fresh bakery and takeaway products to the public. As the UK’s leading baker retailer, Greggs plc deals with the transportation and delivery of vast amounts of merchandise to its stores on a daily basis. With over 1,100 shops across the UK, serving somewhere in the region of five million customers weekly, this can be quite a challenge.

LINPAC Allibert’s dolly is made out of plastic and is more robust than its previous metal counterpart, which was at times prone to bending and distortion, thus rendering it unusable. The new design is more flexible and durable, and is also hygienic and easier to clean, a vital requirement in the food industry. The middle two jockey wheels are raised and off-set, improving the dolly’s lifting capacity and enabling one person to safely lift a loaded dolly from road to pavement. Its unique blow moulded, six wheel design allows this to take place with ease thereby reducing the risk of back injury.

A full peripheral location edge on the light plastic tray enables the product to sit more safely on the dolly, whilst central holes allow for lifting it on to kerbs. Its high impact strength is capable of taking the weight of around twenty trays of merchandise and its flat deck protects products from spray and dirt from the wheels.

LINPAC Allibert’s dolly is a product that ticks all the boxes and is also recyclable after its anticipated lifespan of around five years.
Danilo Oliynik, Commercial Director of LINPAC Allibert, said: “We are committed to helping our customers increase their distribution and storage efficiencies through the development of practical, innovative materials handling products. With the kerb climbing dolly, we have designed a simple solution to what was on paper, quite a complicated requirement!”

David Bradford, Group Purchasing Manager, Greggs plc, added: “This new dolly is a great design. It has made delivering our products easier as well as speeding up the whole process. In addition, the use of durable yet lightweight plastic material has made it much easier to manoeuvre and safer to handle. We are delighted with it.”

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