Ham_and_CheeseContinuing its record of new product development in the frozen snacks sector, Glendale Foods has introduced two new microwaveable toasted sandwiches under its popular Yankee brand. The launch varieties, Yankee 2 Ham & Cheese Toasties and Yankee 2 Cheese & Onion Toasties, are pre-toasted and ready to heat and eat in under 2 minutes. They are priced at a very competitive RRP of £1.49 for a generous 280g serving, offer strong retail margins and are available in price-marked packs for independents or standard packaging for multiples.

Having reviewed current market offerings, Glendale felt there was room in the freezer cabinet for bigger, better value toasties, which are closer to the home-made taste. Yankee Toasties are prepared by hand and toasted on an in-house belt cooker for an authentic finish, before being individually quick frozen. Then they are conveniently reheated at home in a microwaveable susceptor sleeve, which retains all the toasted crispness during cooking and prevents any crumbs or ingredients oozing from the packaging, as can happen with rival products.

“Choosing the launch varieties was a bit of a no-brainer,” says Glendale Chairman, John Mortimer. “Ham and cheese are two of the top 3 sandwich ingredients and most people enjoy a croque monsieur when they’re on holiday. Cheese & onion is a top 10 sandwich filling and the combination of melting cheddar and onion is quite moreish. The average ready-to-eat sandwich now costs around £1.90, so at £1.49 we are providing an appetising and filling hot snack at a keen price point.”

According to recent industry reports, the commercially-made sandwich sector is worth over £6 billion and has grown around 4% during the recession. With 70% of all ready-to-eat sandwiches actually eaten at home and 55% consumed at lunchtime, there is clearly a market gap for toasted varieties that can be prepared in a domestic microwave and be ready to eat in a couple of minutes. Toasted sandwiches are also the staple diet of students and young people, to whom the Yankee price mark should appeal, and make ideal impulse purchases in display freezers in convenience stores, forecourt shops and multiples, especially at lunchtime. Simple microwave reheating also makes them suitable for staff canteens with microwaving facilities.

Pack_CandOPrice marked in colourful packaging that encourages impulse buying, Yankee 2 Ham & Cheese Toasties contains mature English cheddar, locally-sourced ham and fresh white sandwich bread, which is toasted and holds its shape well during reheating. An update of a simple, yet tasty cheese sandwich recipe, Yankee 2 Cheese & Onion Toasties variety enhances these complementary savoury flavours through toasting, with no artificial additives in the filling.

Packed in 6’s for the trade, new Yankee Toasties are now widely available from frozen food wholesalers or direct from Glendale Foods.

Glendale Foods

Tel: 0161 743 4100

Email: info@glendalefoods.com

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