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island-bakery-biscuitsIsland Bakery, the premium manufacturer of hand-made biscuits based on the remote Isle of Mull, has launched a new look for its Organics range thanks to the far-reaching influence of National Flexible – the Yorkshire film packaging specialists.

With a range of 5 different flavours – including Chocolate Limes, Lemon Melts and Apple Crumbles – Island Bakery were facing a potentially hefty investment in order to set up the printing cylinders for the new style packaging. The artwork created by designers Davies Leslie-Smith demanded a high-quality reproduction, and had to be economic on relatively small runs.

However, thanks to the help of some clever work from National Flexible’s experienced in-house print team, they were able to reproduce Island Bakery’s artwork whilst keeping set up costs to a minimum – saving them over £6,000 in origination charges. The end result was a high quality, matt effect film which Island Bakery used to make their 35g flow-wrap biscuit packs.

“National Flexible have been a great help launching the new packaging,” said Island Bakery’s founder – Joe Reade. “Their service is a great help for independent manufacturers like us who rely on our suppliers’ expertise,” he continued.

Customers who are looking for help with a new or existing flexible packaging project can contact the  National Flexible sales team by calling 01274 685566.

National Flexible
Tel: 01274 685566

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