New formulation is part of P&G’s strategy to provide retailers with the best core products

Fairy Liquid Dishwash has been reformulated for 2018, offering Fairy’s Lift Action Boost technology to cut through grease better than ever before.

New Fairy Liquid contains more surfactants* – which help to fight grease – and the new Fairy Lift Action technology that delivers best-ever grease cut.

With the formula interventions, the brand aims to step-change the product superiority by reaching “real WOW” with Fairy lasting twice longer versus key competitors and providing the strongest anti-grease performance in the market.

A nationwide TV campaign supports the launch of the reformulation, showcasing the cleaning power of new Fairy Original alongside a competitor product. Both the new Fairy Liquid Dishwash packaging and TV campaign communication will focus on the revolutionary new formula.

The Fairy Lift Action technology helps to capture surfactants and deliver them closer to the grease. This provides more power to lift and cut grease into smaller pieces, resulting in an emulsion of small droplets. This process helps suds stay rich and more active for longer, and grease is easily rinsed away without redepositing back on dishes.

The technology has been endorsed by a key European University and certified by German external testing institute.

In development for three years with the largest chemical producer in the world**, 30 new patents were filed on the new active ingredient technology, with more than 300 variations of molecules screened and tested to find the most suitable.

Patrick Megarry, Home Care Brand Manager for P&G, comments: “This is an exciting development for Fairy Liquid with our new Fairy Lift Action technology continuing to help differentiate Fairy from its competitors in the category.

Fairy is one of the bestsellers and acts as a beacon for the sector. This new technology enables us to provide even better grease cleaning and has already performed very positively in consumer tests.

“The reformulation highlights P&G’s strategy to have the best core products for retailers across its range. For up-to-date advice and tips on stocking homecare and cleaning products in-store, retailers can visit the website.”

The reformulated Fairy Liquid will be available across grocery and convenience stores, with a RRP of £1.49 for a 500mL bottle.

* Surfactants help to breakdown the interface between water and oils and/or dirt, helping to breakdown and remove grease during the washing process.

**”BASF Headquarters”. BASF. Retrieved 26 February 2016


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