We here at Simply Lunch are proud to announce the launch of our Planet Focused food range, which will be released in three phases. To make the planet the primary focus, we have scrapped the plastic in the packaging of both the sandwiches and wraps within this collection. We have also made the decision to remove beef from our entire menu, as beef equates to 60% of greenhouse gasses within the entire food production industry. 

Be sure to look at our brand-new packaging too, we have given it a refreshing update, it now includes new features, such as:

  • A Carbon Label on all products featured within the range, to help give consumers a much stronger understanding of the impact the product and their choice of food has on the environment.
  • Bold and Bright coloured packaging, providing customers with extra clarity as to which protein type is within their choice of products.
  • Unique QR codes for each individual item, which once scanned, will take you to a detailed web page for that specific product featuring information about the ingredients and nutrients within that item.
  • Artistic and expressive hand-drawn illustrations, that have a focus on food for the everyday lifestyle and give our packaging a distinctive look.

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