Vanish, the leading brand in stain removal, is continuing its investment in innovation to meet shopper needs and grow the category. The successful launch of Vanish Gold in December 2013 gave consumers Vanish’s best stain removal, introduced new consumers to the category and encouraged lapsed users to come back to stain removal. Now, Vanish is about to start a ‘white’ revolution and grow the stain removal category even further with the introduction of new Vanish Gold for Whites.


RB Research shows that consumers split their wash loads between whites & colours and that 23% of wash loads only contain white garments (Source: U&A 2008 ran by TNS for Vanish). There is a huge opportunity to expand stain remover usage into more white wash loads by launching a product that better meets consumers’ needs: to remove stains and keep whites really white. New Vanish Gold for Whites, the brand’s best-performing product for whites, has been developed to transform whites up to 3 shades whiter and give consumers the confidence that stains can be successfully removed in just 30 seconds.

“We know from our users that they have a huge sense of pride in keeping whites white and that there’s nothing more satisfying than brilliant white washing hanging on the line. But when it comes to laundry, whites can also be the ultimate torture test – not only do stains stand out most on white garments, but whites also go grey and dingy over time. In fact, greying whites is one of the top 3 frustrations in laundry.” said Vanish Brand Director, Julia Kemp.

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