Welcome to the November-December issue of Wholesale Manager, published in time for the festive season. While the rest of Britain is busy enjoying Christmas and New Year, cash & carries and delivered wholesalers are serving customers all through December and going into January. As another year heads for the finish, we hope you get a break from business over the holiday.


WholesaleFrontLast New Year we made the resolution to upgrade from publishing quarterly to every two months. We trust you have found it useful. Our next edition will be mailed in February.

Meanwhile in these pages we have features on Snacking and the Warehouse, both at the heart of every delivered wholesale operation and cash & carry, plus our Ethnic Food & Drink feature. We also have a crop of stories from the wholesale business, and fresh news from the suppliers.

As reported on our front cover, Honeywell Scanning & Mobility, the automatic identification and data collection expert, has announced two new innovative products to boost distribution centre and general warehouse operations – a versatile hands-free wearable solution engineered to drive efficiency, productivity and accuracy in the warehouse, and the Thor CV31 vehicle mount computer, combining the latest computing technology into a compact enclosure that minimises driver obstruction. With innovative technology like this, Honeywell can deliver to small and large customers worldwide the solutions they need to keep up with the pace and competition of business today and well into the future.

Also on our front cover Cook, the high-quality frozen ready-meals manufacturer and retailer, has selected business intelligence IT specialist Informance to develop a QlikView Christmas Stock Tracker App that will give insight into customer buying trends, inventory and margins during the festive period. The QlikView App will enable COOK’s food, production and retail teams to make key decisions about stock by providing timely and relevant information analysis straight to their desktops – something not possible before.

The QlikView App will deliver all the information users need instantly and will empower them to ask the right questions at the right time. It enables staff to analyse key data and answer crucial questions such as how the Christmas range is selling against targets, whether stock levels need increasing or reducing, if more stock needs producing or surplus stock needs discounting, whether stock is in the right place in the storage chain and if stores are ordering correctly.

Happy reading and enjoy the holiday season, and see you again in February for our next issue.

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